Thursday, March 6, 2014

In Praise of the Hoodie; Spartan Up!; ZOOMA Chicago Ambassadors

The North Face hoodie

Is there any one piece of clothing that is so simple, yet is both comfortable and utilitarian at the same time? I recently got rid of all my hoodies, as they had not aged gracefully - there's only a certain amount of scruffiness that is acceptable, and I'm not a fan of food stains, regardless of how comfy the hoodie is. Happily, Laima noticed the glaring lack of hoodieness in my closet, and, for my birthday, got me one of my favorites, a plain cotton and polyester deal from The North Face. Amazingly soft.

Spartan Up!

Spartan Up! by Joseph De Sena is being published May 17th. Joe is the owner and driving force behind Spartan Race. Pre-order the book and save 15% on your next 2014 Spartan Race.
"Spartan Up! is based on a series of concepts, but three of them trump everything: Question your Assumptions, Less is More, Discipline is Everything. In the races, we offer you no map. What you think is the finish line may just be the beginning. So you need to develop what those of us in the Spartan world call obstacle immunity, a skill you will learn to master in this book."
A review copy is forthcoming, so expect to hear my thoughts once that arrives.

Laima - ZOOMA Chicago Ambassadors

For a third time, Laima (check out her blog Women's Endurance Gear) was chosen to be one of the ZOOMA Chicago Ambassadors. We are so proud of her and impressed that she will be attempting her first marathon this fall. Hopefully I'll be in good enough shape to accompany her - I guess the fall is far enough away that I can get in running shape again. We'll see.

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  1. Thanks for the mention - looking forward to some long runs with you this summer and the marathon this fall:)

  2. Congrats to Laima and you must accompany her! Off to put on a hoodie.

  3. Get in shape and accompany her! Which one is she (and you) doing?


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