Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ride American Made

Ride American Made

Not in a jingoistic way, more from an environmentalism view, I'm a big supporter of products that are Made in the USA. Simply put, from a sustainability and resource management standpoint, ski manufacturing makes more sense from a local level. Not that I have anything against the quality European companies that dominate the market, but I'd rather do my skiing on skis from an artisanal producer who is utilizing local workers and materials. "Ride American Made" in other words.
About USACOLAB: "We are an alliance of American Made ski and snowboard manufacturers. We believe making skis and snowboards here in the U.S. is important. Not only are we employing thousands of Americans, but our products are handcrafted by people who love skiing, snowboarding, and being outdoors. Who would you rather have making your skis and snowboards?"
There is quite a list of manufacturers and it's growing all the time. From Icelantic to Ramp to the Montana Ski Company, most of these companies showcase handmade and sometimes fully custom products. The price range is broad as well, with some handmade semi-custom skis selling for less than a standard imported model. That's awesome.

Many of these companies take sustainability very seriously - Ramp even ships their skis and snowboards in padded reusable bags so that they don't have to pack them in cardboard boxes. Great thinking!

It's not just skis, however; the US has plenty of homegrown manufacturers to support in all walks of life. While not always successful, I try to support them when I can.

Who's your favorite domestic company?
If you're not in the USA, 
what local company of yours do you support?

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  1. I like your perspective on the why to support U.S. companies. Love Trek bikes and Under Armor, being here in Baltimore, also has a place in my heart.

  2. Harley Davidson. Because you know I'm a total motorcycle mama.

  3. I'm very pro support local. Here by us the Chinese and Indian markets are killing local companies. I support many with some local sports apparel products topping my list.


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