Monday, March 25, 2013

Training: 3/18/13 - 3/24/13

Not a banner week for training...

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Monday: CrossFit
  • One of the worst reasons to miss CrossFit today, took our dog Meškis to the vet to be put down, sad day for the family. Continued working on the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, but no desire to go to the box.
Tuesday: CrossFit Off
  • Our box announced that we would be completing Workout 13.3 on Thursday rather than Friday as we had done previously. With the success of the two-day taper for last week's Open Workout, decided to take today off. Burpees done.
Wednesday: Off
  • Early burpees, then to the office for face day.
  • Thought about taking a short walk around downtown, especially as it was the first day of spring, but 17 degrees and strong winds made it unpleasant, so just a quick pop outside for fresh air.
Thursday: CrossFit
  • CrossFit Games Workout 13.3 - 12 minute AMRAP of 150 wall balls, 90 double-unders, 30 muscle-ups.
  • Took a disappointing 143 - first 110 wall balls felt okay, progressively harder to stay on sets of 10, with longer breaks happening. By 130 I felt done, but 3 more sets of 4, 6, and 3 got me to my final score. Had really hoped to break into the double-unders, but just didn't happen today.
  • Tired and sore, took a break until after lunch get the day's burpees done.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Off

  • Just one of those times where things didn't line up - continued soreness made me feel less guilty about relaxing. Daily burpees also took the sting away. :)
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  1. That's a great effort for 150 wall balls ("Karen")!! Lots of folks at my box took 15+ minutes the first time we did Karen. I'm pretty sure you would have gotten through the last 7 in well under 13! So, an above average first-Karen time :) And heck, lots of people aren't even doing the Open so you're already leaps ahead of them!

    I did 75 "pistol" wall balls but to a box (below parallel). Could have done more in the 12-mins as i stood aroud cheering for people most of the time. THEN I read the instructions and saw you couldn't use a target like that so I no repped myself when logging my scores. I wasn't about to redo it (im not that crazy) so I just took my 1-rep haha.


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