Friday, March 8, 2013

Do You Have a Food Aversion?

Do you have a food aversion? I'm not talking about food allergies, where you literally cannot eat something (I can't eat anything from the ocean, as it makes me nauseous). I'm talking about a food that most people happily eat, but you just can't get past a trait, like the sliminess of okra (I actually like okra). Our son Tazer has an aversion to mushrooms and picks them out of every dish, including dissecting his egg rolls if they have fungi.

One of my food aversions is the avocado.

Avocado Aversion

The avocado is a tree native to Central Mexico, related to cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. Avocado is also commonly used for the fruit of the tree. Avocados have diverse fats. For a typical avocado: About 75% of an avocado's calories come from fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat. On a 100 g basis, avocados have 35% more potassium (485 mg) than bananas (358 mg). They are rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K. Avocados have a high fiber content of 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber. High avocado intake was shown in one preliminary study to lower blood cholesterol levels. Due to a combination of specific aliphatic acetogenins, avocado is under preliminary research for potential anti-cancer activity. (from

SO many good reasons to eat it! And yet...I can't abide the texture, so I don't eat it. Laima has long pressured me to try it, to get over it and add it to my diet, but I've resisted. Yesterday, Laima "snuck" avocado into our morning smoothie (I knew and was willing to try it) -- I tried it, it didn't suck and....I didn't die!

Do You Have a Food Aversion?

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  1. I'm on Tazer's side. I can't stand mushrooms! The texture is what gets to me. Down with fungi!

    I love avocados though! yum! At least you know now that you can sneak them into smoothies and get the nutritional benefits!

  2. Haha 2 mornings in a row and you're still alive;)

  3. Overall, I've liked most food that I've tried. I'm not much of a fan of some of the fat free versions of some traditionally higher fat items (cheese probably being my least favorite). The only thing I can think of having a true aversion to is oysters and my stepmom used to make a stuffing and a stew that had them - blech. Hadn't tried avocados until about a year ago and really liked them (especially with a little salt or tortilla chips). Glad you are surviving them in your smoothies. LOL

  4. Oh I love avocados--you are missing out! That said, I have an aversion to lunch meats, even lean, local turkey--really cannot stomach them!

  5. Short answer: NO 8)
    (Okay well I really don't like fatty meats, but I can eat them)

    Avocados are the Food of the Gods.

  6. LOL @ Laima for sneaking it in!

    I don't care for mushrooms or olives on their own, but will eat them on things :)


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