Monday, February 11, 2013

Training: 2/4/13 - 2/10/13

Monday: CrossFit
  • Day 4, 100 Day Burpee Challenge.
  • Strength: 10 minutes to PR 1 rep, push press -- I PR'ed, of course, as it was my first day trying to; ended up with 125#. Held back just a touch, knowing a WOD was coming up, a tough one from the looks of it.
  • "Mary" (my first girl WOD!) 20 Minute AMPRAP of:
    • 5 Hand Stand Push Ups
    • 10 Pistols
    • 15 Pull Ups -- Coach Mike worked with me on my kipping motion; with that added attention, starting to get it down. My forearms were burning -- he told me I was gripping the bar too tight and when I relaxed after that, a LOT better.
Tuesday: Day 5, 100 Day Burpee Challenge - unexpected office day, so no running or CrossFit.

Wednesday: Run
  • Woke up with head congestion, runny nose, took a sick day.
  • Day 6, 100 Day Burpee Challenge
  • With the sun shining brightly and feeling a smidge better, decided to run. Laima and I went to a barstool store to look at options for the kitchen peninsula, but couldn't agree on just one -- too many options. I love running point to point, so took the opportunity to run home. Slow going in slushy ankle deep snow, but traction not a problem in my Altra Superiors. Beautiful sunny day, not too cold and no apparent wind.
CrossFit Amplify WOD 2-7-13

Thursday: CrossFit
  • Day 7, 100 Day Burpee Challenge
  • More head congestion, slight congestion, little bit of a runny nose, so another day off was in order.
  • Since what was bothering be was all in my head (probably in more ways than one), I decided to go to CrossFit, and I am so glad I did! Coach Mike worked with me on my overhead squat and I actually got some done. I also learned a new activity in wall climbs, they look easy, but get tough really quick! Today's WOD was 10 rounds for time of:
    • 3 wall climbs
    • 5 toes to bar (I worked on knees to elbows)
    • 7 box jumps
  • I never guessed how difficult this WOD was going to be, another one that snuck up on me -- I think the biggest thing was that it was 10 rounds.
Friday: Day 8, 100 Day Burpee Challenge - incredibly busy day for work, soreness in so many places, needed a day off.

Saturday: Day 9, 100 Day Burpee Challenge - still sore, so no trip to the box, though regretted it later in the day; better safe than sorry with the soreness though.

Sunday: CrossFit (sort-of)
  • With a soccer tournament for the two older ones lasting from a 6:30 AM departure and expected to last until 5:00 PM possibly, no trip to the box today (hence regret about not going yesterday. Decided to spice it up a bit by doing Day 10, 100 Day Burpee Challenge as part of a mini-WOD at home. 5 rounds of:
    • 1 Wall Climb
    • 2 Burpees
    • 3 V-Ups
    • 4 Pistols
    • 5 Jump Lunges
    • 6 Box Jumps (I used the stairs, but plan on building a plyo box very soon)
A week that was decent overall, but not totally what I had wanted. This summer will be a break for soccer for the kids, no school obligations, so definitely a better chance to stay consistent with my CrossFit. Adding more running and bringing back cycling will add even more variety.

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  1. You've really done well sticking to CF and even doing WODs at home. I've got to think that will all pay off in spades for you!

  2. You are going to be so strong come race season. So pleased for you. Way to keep on keeping on.

  3. Awesome work! You have been so consistent with CF, it is totally going to pay off come race seaason!


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