Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sprout – An Eco-Friendly Timepiece

”A company that, after more than 50 years producing best-selling timepieces, set out to create a line of high-quality, affordable eco-forward watches. From the start, we made the conscious decision to be materialistic in a most unusual way. From corn resin, conflict-free diamonds, bamboo and cork in our watches to recycled content in our packaging, we focused on materials that are easy on the planet. Our strength lies in our long-standing passion for the traditional art of watch-making combined with an eye for design and an entrepreneurial, free-thinking spirit.”
Once again, I didn’t make it out to Outdoor Retailer,  but was contacted by a few companies about meeting them at the show and chatting about their products. One of the companies that intrigued me was Sprout Watches.  Sprout watches are made from materials that are easy on the planet from corn resin, bamboo and organic cotton - even in the form of its recycled packaging. With varieties for men, women and children ranging from colorful and classic styles to detail designed dials - these durable, affordable and sustainable watches are fitting for all active and adventurous lifestyles.

I like watches, but go through them pretty quickly, as I’m active and clumsy, not usually a good combination. I also prefer larger watches, both for how they look and how they’re easier on these aging eyes, but they’re often heavier and clunkier as well.

Sprout sent me two ST/3800 watches, one in red and the other white for a product review.  Corn Resin, Mineral Crystal Lens, a Bamboo Dial, an Aluminum Crown, all are eco-friendly, easily sourced, and recyclable or biodegradable. Very cool. Not that I’m planning on diving anywhere near this deep, it’s Water Resistant to 165 Ft. The Mercury-Free Battery continues the eco-friendly design. These watches are incredibly light, but don’t appear to sacrifice sturdiness – I’ve worn these for a few weeks with no damage, which says quite a bit!
Positives: Eco-Friendly; fashion-forward design; light on the wrist
Negatives: Dark face on the red watch make it difficult to make out the hands sometimes; luminosity on hands limited, difficult to see in dark; no way to light up face in the dark

Sprout also sent me a kids watch – with its pink bezel, we thought our daughter might like it, but she was uninterested, surprisingly. In a bit of serendipity, our youngest somehow pried off the pink bezel and claimed it for his own. Like my watches, it has Corn Resin for much of the materials, a Natural Bamboo Dial, and Mineral Crystal lens, which add up to a nature-friendly watch with good looks. A Certified Organic Cotton Strap and Mercury-Free Battery complete this kid and eco-friendly timepiece.
Positives: Eco-friendly; easy to read face; organic strap against skin
Negatives: Not water-resistant; bezel easily removed (though that was a positive in our case)
It’s great to see a company who has taken a ubiquitous piece of gear like a wristwatch and remade it to be friendlier to the environment. The light weight, cool designs, and relative toughness make these likely to be worn and last. Some of the materials are recyclable, while others are biodegradable, so when the timepieces are spent, they don’t need to end up in a landfill.

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for review purposes, free of charge. No other compensation was offered or received. Some information was taken from the company website. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Interesting. I love companies that produce environment friendly products. Those watches look quite cool.

  2. I have one that is eco friendly too
    It is a sundial strapped on my wrist
    A little heavy, doesn't work too well when cloudy, doesn't store data too well, not as accurate as I would like... but definitely eco friendly
    (I know, I'm a smart ass)

  3. That's pretty cool. I love watches. I have an addiction and usually the bigger the better for me. What's the price point?


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