Friday, February 1, 2013

100 Day Burpee Challenge

100 Day Burpee Challenge

Most of us shy away from working on our weaknesses. One of the things I've most appreciated about CrossFit is how it has truly humbled me, physically (I was already the world's most humble person in other ways). There are endless options for me in terms of weaknesses to work on, sort of difficult to know where to start.

How about a 100 Day Burpee Challenge, hosted by 300 Pounds and Running? Takes away the decision from me, gives me a goal, and heaven knows I can stand to work on burpees! How does it work, you ask? One Burpee will be performed on the first day and one burpee will be added every day for 100 days. On the 100th day (I started today, February 1st, so it will be May 11th) I will be doing 100 burpees. Starting late? No problem.

100 Day Burpee Challenge Rules:
  1. If you already can do 100 burpees…. consider 200 burpees for the challenge.
  2. You may complete the day’s burpees all at once or broken up throughout the day as time allows.
  3. The challenge is about discipline… if you miss a day, you must start over.
  4. If you don’t start the challenge on day one, you may “buy in” by doing all the missed day’s burpees on your starting day.
  5. Any burpees performed during a CrossFit workout may count toward your day’s total.
  6. Have fun doing burpees.
Why burpees? Burpees are a full body exercise. They are performed in four steps: Begin standing upright, then drop into a squat position, hands on the ground, then extend feet backwards into a plank position (CrossFitters drop to the chest). Jump back into squat position, then return to standing position (CrossFitters jump and raise hands above head or clap). It ends up working both strength and cardio. Not easy.

Want to join us? Start today!

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  1. Some people are just so much braver than I am. I am always scared of challenges that involve my legs :) Have a great Friday and weekend!

  2. Ooo! That will be a good one! I can do maybe 20 now, but if I was doing it I would def start at 1. LOL! :)

  3. That's a ultimate challenge. Hmmm... now I'm wondering how many can I do comfortably? how many with effort, how many pushing the effort and how long it would take me to do 100 all in one shot?...I just had a birthday and it seems like a good excuse for weakness :)

    1. Not supposed to be comfortable, Joanne! They don't all have to be done at once, either, just the count in a day.

  4. There's nothing I loathe more than burpees, which is why I should be doing this. But I'm not!

    1. I guess that makes us even, since I'm not doing the Miles of Shame.

  5. Thanks, I would rather just burp... not sure I can do that 100 in a row though.. I will start training.
    Good luck with it!!

  6. Hmmm...maybe. My arm is still messed up from my fall at Ray's though, so I may have to get in way late. Or not at all...we'll see. :)


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