Monday, January 7, 2013

Training: 12/31/12 - 1/6/13

New Year's Eve WOD
CrossFit Amplify New Year's Eve WOD

Monday: CrossFit
  • A great way to end the year (is it 2013 already?), today's WOD was relentless - not difficult technically, but 5 rounds of anything is still tough for me. 400 meter run, 30 wall balls, 30 box jumps, that was one round. 28:00 time limit, one penalty burpee for each rep not completed. I got up to the 5th round run and finished 3 of the 5 reps. This meant that I had 31 burpees to do  (I didn't complete 2 runs, 30 wall balls, 30 box jumps = 72 missed reps divided by 2 = 31). Tough to do when you're already worn out from the WOD, but I broke them down into sets of 5 and it wasn't too bad.

Tuesday, New Year's Day: Trail Run
  • Cold, but sunny, really a beautiful day for a run, and a nice way to start the New Year. Enjoying my new Altra Zero Drop Superiors, easy transition to the zero heel-to-toe drop (review next week).
Thursday: CrossFit
  • Planned on hitting the 5:30 session, but a rough night was followed by falling asleep on the couch until just after 6:00. New plan is to go tomorrow, maybe 9:00 or 10:00.

CrossFit Amplify WOD 1-4-13
CrossFit Amplify WOD 1-4-13

Friday: CrossFit

Excepting the run, every single thing we did this day was new to me! Probably my favorite part of CrossFit, the amazing variety, strengthening me in so many different ways and also keeping it interesting.
  • Strength: Every 40 seconds for 5 minutes perform: 5 Back Squats - I used 95# for my first time
  • Conditioning: 3 Rounds For Time:
    • 3 Down and Back Turf Runs (~200m)
    • 10 Dumbbell Push Press (#45/25) - used 20# for my first time
    • 15 Ring Rows
    • Time - 7:57, plenty of room for improvement
Saturday: Run
  • Upper body still sore from yesterday's CrossFit session -- bit of a struggle today. 22 degrees but dressed correctly again, maybe a bit warm but I'll take it.
Sunday: CrossFit
  • Really wanted to go today, but feel like I pulled or strained my triceps and possibly other muscles in my left arm, so will take today off and try for tomorrow evening instead. Hoping it's just a strain or pull - watching the NFL Playoffs, hearing that Ray Lewis was out for like 10 games with a torn triceps muscle - ouch!
One of the things that CrossFit has taught me is that 1. my ability to recover is really compromised when I do these exercises I'm unused to, and 2. lifting weights is going to result in serious soreness and/or injury, even minor. By design, lifting weights tears muscle, and recovering allows them to heal and grow stronger. Even though I'm impatient, I've been doing a good job of really listening to my body and taking it easy on days I need to. My goal was to go every other day or so, building up to 5 days a week, but right now it appears my body needs 3 days of recovery, and I'm okay with that. Increases will come as I am ready.

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  1. This cross fit thing sounds as bad as IM training posts I have seen...

  2. Sounds like a good week, minus the sore tricep! The one thing I do worry about w/ CrossFit is it making me too sore to get in the quality runs that I need, and I'm going to be doing a lot of them in the coming 10 weeks.

    Ray Lewis came back nice and strong yesterday, thank you very much!

  3. I was going to ask about your CrossFit soreness! Do they really recommend going 5x a week?!

    1. Kim, the official CrossFit plan is 3 days on, 1 day off. My plan per week was to work up to 3 days on, day off, 2 days on (Monday off, T/W/Th on, F off, S/S on).

  4. Glad you aren't being a meathead and are listening to your body. The strength will come in time. If not, you are keeping yourself healthy so that you can do everything else as well.

  5. I agree with Christina. Listening to your body is the smart thing to do.

  6. We had a wonderful trail run on New Year's Day, too. Such a great way to start off the year.

    I'm having an interesting time combining strength training with running. Well, theoretically. In practice, I haven't been doing any during the week running to interfere...but that's changing tonight. :)

  7. (to me) that's the hard part of crossfit -- you want to be competitive and go hard, and it's frustrating when your body holds you back a little. definitely scale the weight or even ROM if you need to as you get stronger!

    another thing i've struggled with is finding time to still get my runs in. well, i'd be fine if i could just get up in the AM like i used to but i am struggling to get up and go run! i personally think one could do easy runs and then use the CF workouts as "speed work" since you are essentially in the same HR zones.


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