Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three For Thursday: Top Fitness Blogs, CrossFit Beauty, Kitchen Remodel

2013 Top Fitness Bloggers

A list of 100 Top Health and Fitness blogs to watch in 2013 was published recently, and the public is voting for the winners! You can see the contest page at and vote for Midwest Multisport Life, Miss Zippy, Shut Up and Run, plus many more (97 to be exact).

CrossFit - Beauty in Strength Video

"CrossFit can change how a woman both defines beauty and feels about her body...Through CrossFit, these women are confident, stronger and fitter. They are mothers, tomboys, coaches. They are CrossFit athletes." My daughter is lucky to have her mother as a fit and healthy role model -- I love how strong Laima is! Imagine once she starts CrossFit. :)

Kitchen remodel

The kitchen remodel is moving apace, looking forward to having a more normal semblance of life back. There is only so much time before brewing coffee in the bathroom seems exotic. :)

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