Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ragnar Trail, Ryan Gosling, Kitchen Remodel

Run. Camp. Sleep? Repeat. Ragnar Relay Races have never been that  interesting to me, but the addition of a Ragnar Trail series has piqued my curiosity. A team overnight running and camping adventure sounds a lot more fun to me than sitting in a smelly van. Nothing near us for 2013, but maybe they’ll add something in Wisconsin or Southern Illinois in the future.

Ragnar Trail Relays

I have to admit that I don't really get the whole Ryan Gosling thing, but this CrossFit-based "quote" (I originally saw it on Pinterest, but then couldn't find it again) made me laugh.

Ryan Gosling CrossFit WOD

Last stages of the kitchen remodel! Tuesday the countertops were installed, so now come the electrician, plumber, cabinet guys, and painter. Hopefully by the end of the weekend (or earlier) we will have a complete kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel

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  1. I'm pretty sure your lack of understanding of the appeal is related to the Y chromosome. We just saw him in "Crazy Stupid Love" (hilarious), and all I can say is yum.

    A Ragnar trail series near here would be AWESOME! They should start one and then pick us as ambassadors.

    1. Ambassadors and team mates! I wonder if they'd let me camp in an RV?

  2. Funny, I have yet to see Ryan Gossling at Crossfit! Need to work on that.

    We have the same countertops, btw. Glad you are finishing up--I'm sure you'll love the finished product!

  3. Counter tops are looking good - can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. i live in a cave. i had no idea who Ryan Gossling is -_-
    yes.. i had to Google him.. lol

    nice counter top! more pics!

  5. LOL, I agree with Kate - you are not meant to get the Ryan thing. I also agree about the Ragnar Ambassadors idea ;)

  6. Trail relay - I'm totally in. Ambassador? Teammate? Whatever! Let's campaign for southern IL. Agree with Kate on the CSL movie - super YUM. Funny Crossfit quote. Gorgeous countertops. I'm sure you'll enjoy having your kitchen back to fully functional.

  7. Trail run sounds like fun. I've never done one but it sure sounds like fun.
    Good luck with the kitchen remod. We are in the getting a SCARY quote stage. Once we get over the shock, guess we'll have to do it since things get out dated.

  8. The Ragnar trail concept seems great and definitely awesome fun! If I lived there by you I'd go for that.

  9. Love the new counters! Great pick.


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