Monday, December 31, 2012

Training: 12/24/12 - 12/30/12

CrossFit WOD 12-24-12

  • Xmas Eve WOD - huge turnout today, about 40 people! If any of us thought that mercy might be shown because of the holiday, we were sorely mistaken. The workout:
    • 1x Hand Stand Push Up 
    • 2x Pistols 
    • 3x V-Ups 
    • 4x Jumping Lunges 
    • 5x Burpees 
    • 6x Wallballs 
    • 7x Kettlebell Swings 
    • 8x BoxJumps 
    • 9x Double Unders (I did 27x Singles instead) 
    • 10x Pull-ups 
    • 11x Kettlebell High Pulls 
    • 1200 Meter Run
  • Doesn't sound too bad, right? It was a 12 Days of Xmas theme, however, which meant that, as each exercise was completed, the previous ones were done again. I.E., 3x V-Ups, then 2x Pistols, then 1x Handstand Push-Up...all the way up to the 1200 meter run, then 11x kettlebell high pulls, 10x pull-ups, 9x double unders, and so on, down to the handstand push-up. We were paired up, and each went one at a time, so a short break was earned each exercise, but it was definitely not enough. I can honestly say that it was a most intense workout - my partner and I finished in 36:50, which was in the middle of the group overall. The thing I love about CrossFit is that it is something new each time, is brutally hard, and is over relatively quickly. 
  • Signed on for 3 more months, committed, at least financially. 
Wednesday: CrossFit
  • WAY too sore to go in today, decided it wasn't worth hurting myself, so took the day off.
  • Plumber and electricians came in, plumber complete for now, electricians unfortunately did much less than we had hoped, will have to return after floors are complete.
Thursday: CrossFit
  • Woke up feeling REALLY sick, apparently Gaigai gave me her holiday illness - head congested, raspy cough; even if I had felt up to it, not fair to the other CrossFitters for me to show up and spread the love.
  • Old vinyl floors torn out in kitchen and entryway, new floors pieced in and laid down, looks great. Friday the floors should be sanded, sealed, and finished.
Altra Zero Drop SuperiorsPolarUSA FT40

Sunday: Run
  • Felt a lot better, so took a nice easy run with Laima around the neighborhood, last run of the year, hard to believe! Cold run, 13 degrees, but no wind, so after a cold start, got pretty comfortable, good job layering today. Enjoying the Altra Zero Drop Superior trail running shoes (worked fine on sidewalk and grass today), and still learning my way around my new Polar USA FT40 Heart Rate Monitor watch - no GPS is strange, but I've used it indoors climbing stairs and will try it out at CrossFit tomorrow, so definitely see some uses.
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  1. So what were your totals towards your 1000/1000 goal? I know you were getting pretty close. I wrote mine off a bit when laid out with the flu earlier this month, but I'm still pleased it helped keep me moving this fall/winter. That crossfit stuff seems a bit insane - 12 days of Christmas style especially. We have a box here (even in podunk MO), but I'm not ready to take that on.

    1. Yearly roundup on Wednesday - all will be revealed! :)

  2. Yes, we didn't get to hear the final totals!

    Sounds like you are doing great with the CrossFit. Are you enjoying it?

    Happy new year!

    1. LOVE CrossFit - kicks my butt every time, but it's so new, so challenging, and so needed. It will make me stronger overall and improve my running to boot!

  3. That cross fit work sounds tough! Good call on not going back when extremely sore. It isn't worth the risk of injury.

  4. Ooh but I love the "12 days" wod's! We did one too Christmas Eve. Definitely tough! A little longer than typical wod's but still fun.

    I keep intending to wear my non-Garmin HRM to CF to see what kind of HR I'm pulling... Interested to see where yours reads!

  5. Great training! In order to gain the most benefits from my workouts I am taking additional nutrition. I have tried a lot of different workout supplements over the years and nothing has given me the endurance and strength that Military Grade Nutrutionals have. In my opinion, their pre-workouts are the most effective supplements.


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