Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday (and a Giveaway!)

Chicago Architecture
Board of Trade and 311 S Wacker

I only have to go into the city once a week for work these days, but, if you are a coworker of mine, you know how much I bitch and moan about even that one day. First world problems, right? :) One saving grace is that I get to walk among all the amazing Chicago Architecture that exists in the Loop where I work. Being in a taller building, I also get a vantage point that most pedestrians don't, so it's really the best of both worlds. Architecture has always had a strong pull on me, I even considered entering architecture school -- that ended quickly once it was apparent that there are just too few jobs to go around.

Hole Saw Kit for Pullup Bar

Having done a couple of weeks of the CrossFit elements, learning the basic moves, I'm excited about supplementing it and improving more quickly, by building a garage gym where I can do my own WODs. First project is a Pull-up Bar -- I purchased some threaded pipe and end caps, a hole saw drill bit, and will put it up just as soon as I can, hopefully today or tomorrow. I also ordered some pull-up bands, so I can really start utilizing it immediately!

Altra Footwear Superior Trail Running Shoes

Two very dissimilar shoes came in recently for reviews: The Altra Zero Drop Superior Trail Running Shoes are a very minimalist style, while the Under Armour Spine RPM seem more an overall fitness running shoe. I'll take them both to CrossFit as well, to see how they work in that application. One lucky reader will also get a chance to win a pair of the Under Armour's in an upcoming giveaway!

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  1. Great idea to build your own WOD space--I have a neighbor who has done the same and he is very dedicated to it. Chicago really does have great architecture.

    Interested to hear about the Altra Zeros for trail

  2. Absolutely best tour I ever took was the architectural boat tour in Chicago. We had this fantastic old lady that shared so much of the history and the weather was PERFECT (no clouds to obscure tops of buildings). I went into civil engineering when I realized I had not artistic ability which would be a challenge for an architect.

    Interested to see your home "box" for Crossfit WODs.

  3. At least we get a nice view, and a nice walk, and a nice office space! ;) Seeing some client offices ... we are lucky.

    We love having a pull up bar at home! And I love that you are bringing the workouts home too :)


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