Monday, December 3, 2012

1000 Mile Goals: 5 Weeks Left

At the beginning of 2012, I set two goals for myself, to both run and bike 1,000 miles this year. As of yesterday, this is how things stood:
  • Cycling: 104.5 miles left.
  • Running: 198.18 miles left.
Monday: Off
  • Woke up feeling a bit better but back still giving twinges in certain positions. Definitely not a day to run or ride, and cancelled CrossFit for the week to make sure I'm fully ready when I start. Thinking this illness and back might be stress-related -- this holiday season hasn't been too bad, but Laima and I will be renovating our kitchen, and the design process has not been as easy as I had hoped.
Tuesday: Off
  • Still congested, back feels better, not rushing to get back into it.
Wednesday: Off
  • Serious back pain, but it has moved upwards, now at the back of the rib cage area. Feel like I'm falling apart.
Thursday: Off
  • Woke up congested but a bit better, back feels stiff and achy, but better overall. If this has not cleared up by tomorrow,  a doctor's visit will definitely be in order.
Friday: Off
  • Actually felt better, but didn't want to jinx anything. Taking it nice and easy coming back, hoping to be 100% for Monday and the first Elements session at CrossFit Amplify!

I&M Canal Trail, Lemont

Saturday: Run!!
  • Definitely feeling better illness-wise, though back is still somewhat sore. Thought about riding first thing this morning, but a pitch black, freezing, and windy morning made it a nonstarter. Decided to run with Laima later in the morning instead. First time running the I and M Canal, from Lemont to the East end, then back around the pits (now lakes). Amazing day for December 1, cool but not freezing, and some sun to make it cheerful!
Sunday: Run
  • Woke up at 2:00, couldn't sleep, finally got up around 3:00, walked the dog, and went for a run. Who would have ever predicted that at 3:30 AM, December 2nd, it would be a balmy 55 degrees? I'm sincerely hoping that this is a harbinger of an extremely mild winter!
Weekly Totals:
  • Cycling:  17.25 miles planned, 0 miles accomplished, 104.5 miles left.
  • Running: 32.5 miles planned, 9.43 miles accomplished, 188.75 miles left.
With 4 weeks left of the year, it is hard to believe that time is almost up. Gave it a good college try, would have been a lot easier had I been consistent throughout the year. :) Still not giving up, but being realistic as well.

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  1. Glad you are the upswing of the sickness crud. I'm crossing fingers and toes that I can keep from getting whatever the kids are passing between themselves. I hope the crazy warm weather lasts as long as possible myself.

  2. That's an awesome idea. I'm fairly new to running, but it would be a great idea for me to set an annual goal for miles and then break it up weekly to make sure I achieve my goal.

  3. You have done amazing with getting in the miles for the year despite a few setbacks. Well done!

  4. Loving this warm weather!! Great scenic run on Saturday - lots of water views!


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