Monday, November 26, 2012

1000 Mile Goals: 6 Weeks Left

At the beginning of 2012, I set two goals for myself, to both run and bike 1,000 miles this year. As of yesterday, this is how things stood:
  • Cycling: 104.5 miles left.
  • Running: 212.68 miles left.
Monday: Off
  • STILL feeling sore after CrossFit, guess that's what happens when a middle-aged man with spare tires tries something new that's physically brutal. :) No work in the city this week, so took today off and will add a bike outing Wednesday.
Tuesday: Run
  • Beautiful morning for it, 50 degrees, no wind, wore shorts, lightweight Icebreaker and ear cover, almost too warm (had to take the ear covers off). Felt great even with some lingering CrossFit soreness and remaining vestiges of the illness. Even ran a bit faster than normal pace. :)
  • Such a beautiful afternoon and a nice run in my Mammut trail running shoes! Full product review coming next week on the blog. Also wearing Saxx Kinetic Briefs - most comfortable athletic underwear ever!
Wednesday: Cycling
  • Laima and I had dinner at People Lounge last night, which threw off my sleeping and woke up feeling congested and tired -- so done with this illness, but it's not done with me, unfortunately. Planned on riding my bike after a kitchen consultation (we're planning a remodel), but after all was said and done, just wanted to take it easy.
Thursday: Run
  • Bonfield Express 5K - somewhat frustrating running with the stroller through all the slow walkers who felt they needed to start near the front. This race unfortunately has grown too quickly and is not handling the logistics of the actual event too well, definitely need some crowd control before the start and then afterwards as well. Not sure I'll run it again, except that it is nice to support a local event.

Friday: Cycling
  • Woke up feeling unwell AGAIN, seems like I won't be able to shake this anytime soon. Tried to take the kids for a walk at Greene Valley, but the cold and
Saturday: Run
  • Spent the whole day at home, pretty much on the couch, wondering what is going on. Almost feel like a doctor's visit might be necessary, but still holding off.
Sunday: Cycling
  • Woke up feeling better, decided to take it easy anyway (we were having friends over for the Bears Game), and then tweaked my back getting ready for it - spasms all day and into the night. Talk about adding insult to injury.
Weekly Totals:
  • Cycling:  17.25 miles planned, 0 miles accomplished, 104.5 miles left.
  • Running: 32.5 miles planned, 14.5 miles accomplished, 198.18 miles left.
Never say die, but the running goal looks like it might be sliding out of my grasp - I'll have to average 40 miles a week to complete it. A couple of good rides and cycling will be done, though the weather is fast becoming unrideable for the gear I have. There is a forecast for some decent days, hopefully my back  will be up for it. CrossFit will be delayed a week now due to my back problems, still looking forward to it. What a drag it is getting old...

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  1. You are definitely being beaten down by crud bugs! Sorry to hear it. And I can't even begin to grasp that there are only 6 weeks left to the year!

  2. Revise your goal to 900 miles..

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I just ordered a trainer and a warmer cyling jacket to try to get through December so that I might be able to knock out my bike miles. But I didn't have such an aggressive running goal. You are a rock star regardless.

  4. Sorry to hear about the back troubles, and I agree with the above comment: change your goal to 900 miles running. Definitely doable!

  5. welp. you still have time to accomplish your goals..just don't continue if it means ruining your health. either way, you're pretty damn awesome. :)

  6. I am bummed that you are still feeling sick :( How are you feeling now?

    It seems that a lot of Turkey Trots are getting that way - super overcrowded.


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