Friday, October 12, 2012


Instagram Photo Collage KovasP

Do you use Instagram? It's a photo-sharing application, that also connects to other social media, spreading your photos far and wide. Much like Twitter, you can find people to follow, and, like Facebook, you can like or comment on the images. At first I wasn't too sure about the utility of this app -- there are so many social media options to choose from, that it's hard to know what might stick around. I'm kind of getting into Instagram now and I think what I like about it is that it's totally okay to go off-topic with it, it's one of the more wide-open apps out there - I post on so many of my interests, many of which never make it to my other outlets. I have a variety of followers that are into books, wine, architecture, the outdoors, and fitness, some overlapping, some not. If you haven't checked it out, you should, it's a lot of fun, but only for those with an Android or Apple device, sorry BlackBerry users. If you join or have joined, follow me at KovasP, I'll follow back!
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  1. So far I am only a Blogger and FB user. I haven't dove off into Instagram or Twitter yet. But never say never - probably go there someday.

  2. Yep, I'm kind of in love with Instagram. Not as much as Twitter, but close!

  3. I'm the same as TriMOEngr and only do FB and blogger.

  4. I'm on instagram, as you know, but it's very much a side thing for me. And unless someone wants to see a lot of pictures of my kid or whatever trail I'm on, they'll probably get pretty bored. :)

  5. I'm digging instagram. I like looking at the pics people I follow like, picking the ones of those I like then checking out what that person posted. Lots of cool sun rise, sun set, fall colors, race pics, etc. you name it, its a click or two away.


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