Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got Milk? Infographic

Laima and I have an ongoing debate as to whether we should continue using dairy or not. We grew up drinking milk and eating cheese, and all of our children have as well. As a part-time vegan, I'd love to go dairy-free, but it's not easy, especially when my significant other purchases so much of it! Yes, I could be strong and not partake, but that doesn't always work out for me.

What's your take on dairy?
Pro or con?

Got Milk?

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  1. I guess if I worried about everything that was bad for us that we ate, I'd probably rarely eat. Ha! I drink Skim everyday for breakfast. I don't see that changing. I drink chocolate after races(when they have it) Yum!

  2. I drink chocolate milk every morning, and I do love melted cheese. I could give up wheat much more easily.

  3. I'm dairy free except for an occasional yogurt. I use almond and coconut milk instead. THe kids, however still drink organic cow's milk.

  4. We (humans) don't need cow's milk. I don't drink but my oldest is a chocolate milk fein but we have been able to cut back tremendously on that. The little one only get's dairy in foods but that will end in a month or two once we get the gluten out of her system.

  5. I stopped drinking cow's milk when I realized it doesn't agree with me. (I'll spare the details.) I can cook with milk (or use small amounts in my coffee) with no problem, but when I drink straight milk, I drink soy. But I can stomach yogurt, ice cream, cheese, sour cream, etc.

    But even if I could stomach it again, cow's milk is intended for baby cows. We don't need it. Babies need human breast milk. But after that, we can get whatever nutrients milk provides from other sources. The only reason we've been lead to believe we "need" milk is because of very successful lobbying/advertising on behalf of the dairy industry.

  6. Very interesting infographic! I don't drink milk because of animal rights reasons, and because it makes me feel like crap. And like Maggie said... we are not meant to drink it!

  7. I'm not sure I'm totally on board with all the "information" in the graphic, but I was allergic as a child and never learned to like the taste. I eat dairy, but don't drink any kind of milk (white or flavored).

  8. I don't take in a lot of dairy products; a bit of cream for my coffee, some cheese, etc., but I have to say that I agree. I don't really think milk is that good for us.

    But the dairy council will spend their last time to tell you differently.

  9. I've read a good bit lately also along the lines of humans-aren't-meant-to-eat-dairy. I was never a big milk drinker so that's not a problem, but cheeses and dairy by-products (milk chocolate...) are tough for me! Ultimately I do think it's not good for me and I try to limit it. Some days are better than others.

    I sent this info graphic to the husband who said "yeah I have heard all that but I don't care - milk products taste too good". (argh!)


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