Monday, October 1, 2012

1000 Mile Goals: 14 Weeks Left

At the beginning of 2012, I set two goals for myself, to both run and bike 1,000 miles this year. As of this week, with 14 weeks left, this is how things stood:
  • Cycling: 758.82 miles, leaving 241.18 miles, or about 17.25 miles per week.
  • Running:547.58 miles, leaving 452.42 miles, or about 32.5 miles per week.

First Fall Ride

Monday: Cycling
  • First ride in 3 weeks, definitely lost quite a bit of power, but, happily, my butt never became sore! Cool almost cold day meant plenty of layers, gloves, ear covers, and shoe covers, ended up being warm but not overly so. Felt good to ride again.
Tuesday: Run
  • Planned Daily Double Run 1: Watched the first part of Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe, really good so far. First 3 miles in PureConnects, then first time in Skora Running for 2 miles. Comfortable out of the box, will need to work on matching proper socks for complete comfort.
  • Planned Daily Double Run 2: Ran a bit with Laima, to help her get out of the house and to spend some time with her. Pushed the stroller so she could run the first half of her planned outing hands-free. Not sure what the stroller factor is when figuring out difficulty of runs, but it sure makes it harder!:) Added about 3.5 miles to my total for the day.
Wednesday: OFF
  • A good rest day, heeding MissZippy's advice! Looked forward all day to the new Survivor -- anyone else a fan? Plenty of irritating contestants that you can't wait to see gone this season!
Thursday: Run
  • REALLY did not want to run today, felt a bit better after walking the dog, but still did not want to run in the dark. However, I set off anyway, glad I put on the new armwarmers I received for participating in The North Face Endurance Challenge -- very comfortable and kept me warm! Overall the run ended up being really good, a comfortable 8 miles, though some ankle tendinitis and the same knee pain I've had recently made me aware of them. Still glad I got out.
Friday: Cycling
  • A bit of unexpected rain this morning made it seem like I wouldn't get to ride, but the skies cleared, the sun came out, and I had a great cool fall ride. First time mountain biking in a LONG time! Rode over to Hidden Lakes Forest Preserve, got on the singletrack and thoroughly enjoyed myself. A bit hesitant at first, after the first few log barriers I got more comfortable. By the end, with some trepidation, I was rolling over obstacles several logs high. So much fun, not sure why I don't go MTB'ing more often, though part of it is that there are only 2 forest preserves with singletrack within riding distance, and their loops are both quite short.  This ride made it 18.9 miles for the week, surpassing my weekly goal, so might add a running day Sunday if needed.
Saturday: Run
  • Creaky and feeling old this morning, cold out, not an auspicious morning for a run, especially anything longer. Bargained with myself, walked the dog, eventually decided to head out for a few miles and see how it went. Pretty good run actually, cut it shorter than could have run, because I'm still babying this knee, and once it starts acting up, I start thinking of stopping. Almost 5 miles, so not bad for this one.
Sunday: Cycling Run
  • Had my cycling miles in, so decided to run today, to get in those miles.
  • Planned Daily Double Run 1: Treadmill -- 4 miles in PureConnects, 3 miles in Skoras, all good, minimal leg pain. Watched "Fast Five," one of the Fast and Furious movies, really entertaining. Makes Rio look really amazing, even the favelas.
  • Planned Daily Double Run 2: As nice an afternoon for a run as you could wish for - 63 degrees, windy, trees changing colors, just gorgeous! 5.25 miles got me over my goal for the week and the leg pain is steadily diminishing with each run, yes!
There were days that I had no desire to run, but I got it done, and was really enjoying it by the end of the week. I think the one thing I enjoyed the most was that, since I'm not in training for anything specific, I could just listen to my body and run the paces I wanted to. While it wasn't easy, I'm glad I decided to get these goals accomplished -- it will be interesting to see how it goes once winter arrives and it's not so easy to get out, especially on the bike.
  • Cycling:  17.25 miles planned, 18.9 miles accomplished, 222.28 miles left.
  • Running: 32.5 miles planned, 33.83 miles accomplished, 418.59 miles left. 
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  1. Awesome week! Way to go on meeting your goals and doing it at the pace you needed, like you said. I was thinking about you during my run yesterday and wondering how your knee was doing. I am happy to hear it's getting better!

    I used my arm warmers this week too! They are so nice and long.

  2. Clearly, Wed. was the best day of the week! ; )

    Looks like you had a good one! We are wearing same shoe combos--Pure Connects/Skoras!

  3. 1000/1000 is an interesting goal.. Why not 1000 miles of swimming also? :)

  4. Dang - keep that up and you'll surpass your goal!

  5. This is what I am talking about when I say I need a good goal. Sometimes it is just the thing to make you get out the door when you'd rather snuggle in bed or flop on the couch. Love that you are working towards this and will be able to bring in the new year having knocked this out!

  6. good job on both fronts! rolling stone gathers no moss, keep it up!


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