Monday, October 15, 2012

1000 Mile Goals: 12 Weeks Left

At the beginning of 2012, I set two goals for myself, to both run and bike 1,000 miles this year. As of yesterday, this is how things stood:
  • Cycling:  203.71 miles left.
  • Running: 383.35 miles left. 

Hidden Lake Forest Preserve

Monday: Cycling
  • Laima and Gaigai were in Michigan overnight, so no ride in the morning. Instead, took the boys shopping and a for a quick hike at Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. Laima came home a bit late and by the afternoon I had no desire to go anymore.  Plenty of days left in the week to make my goal, so no worries there.
Tuesday: Run
  • One of my favorite runs,this 8 mile loop really shows me where my running is at, fitness wise. Lots of rolling, long hills (almost 650 feet of elevation change), and today a strong wind for the second half made bringing it home a bit tougher.
  • Unplanned Daily Double Run 2: Had such a good run this morning, decided to add 5 miles in the PureConnects on the TM. Started watching "The Kingdom," really sad what is happening in the Middle East in the war between oil and religion.
Wednesday: OFF
  • Trip into the city for work, nice to have the day off from an early morning training (though I didn't need it as I skipped the bike Monday). Went for a nice 3.5 mile walk at lunchtime, cold but a bluebird day, bright and sunny.
Thursday: Run
  • Started "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift," slower paced than the other 3 I've watched recently. As much of a waste of gas and money that drifting is, in the hands of a skillful driver, it can be amazing to watch.
  • Daily Double Run 2: Five miles on the TM, finished up "Tokyo Drift," definitely the weakest of the franchise, but maybe the idea of HS kids in $100,000+ cars is just too far-fetched for me.
Friday: Cycling
  • Wasn't really feeling it today, not helped by the ambivalence of the weather -- warm, cool, cold, windy, sunny, overcast, all of the above. Tough to layer, but did a reasonable job overall, never too uncomfortable. 11 miles with the second half all into a wind, isn't that the way it always works?

Waterfall Glen - soaked
Thoroughly soaked!

Saturday: Run
  • Ran the Waterfall Glen loop with Laima in windy, cool, and wet conditions. At one point the rain came down and we got SOAKED, but finished it off and it ended up being not too bad. Such a great feeling to get home, crank the heat, and hop into a hot shower!
Sunday: Cycling
  • Rain stopped, so out I went, over to Maple Woods to ride a few loops. Hard to see the trails with so many leaves down, which also hid many of the roots. Lots of fun on a somewhat dreary morning!
I am really happy with my efforts so far, reaching for these goals. Just bummed that I didn't show the same dedication when I was training for the 50K. Discovering Daily Doubles has really changed my training, we'll see how effective it is in the long run.

  • Cycling:  17.25 miles planned, 18.03 miles accomplished, 185.61 miles left.
  • Running: 32.5 miles planned, 33.44 miles accomplished, 349.91 miles left.
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  1. I am impressed! Had not been keeping up with your doings and wow, what a huge task and it looks like you will do it. Bravo! 1000 (x2) miles, very inspirational.

  2. You've got the cycling miles in the bag! And I think you can still get the runs in too. Nice week!

  3. Awesome progress and dedication to staying on track even with weather gods not always cooperating. Very impressed. Praying for more warm snaps to log bike miles myself.

  4. major dedication right there! I love this goal!

  5. Solid week! Looks like you have the cycling in the bag. Running is going to take some commitment for sure.

  6. You are kicking butt! Love it! Love the doubles. Wish we lived closer so we could run together :)

    I think the F&F franchise is fun, but Tokyo was the weakest link. They are working on a new one now! I follow the Rock on Facebook (yes, I'm a dork) and he posts about it sometimes :)

  7. I believe you are going to make it. Crossing my fingers and sacrificing one small animal a week.


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