Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 20: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Taper week - was looking forward to this, but with this massive toothache, am bummed that it is more painful than relaxing. Not the way I would have planned on tapering, but, on the positive side, it is forcing me to take it easy and not try to get some last bit fitness in--we all know how well that works!

Monday: 15 Mile Ride
  • No way I was riding this morning, was just hoping that the dentist could see me and suggest how to get rid of the pain. Luckily they got me in just before lunch, suggested a root canal (scheduled for Wednesday) and prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.
Tuesday: Drills
  • Hoping to ride this morning, but did not get rested and, even with Vicodin, the toothache persisted. Add nausea and some dizziness, and, as Laima suggested, not a great idea to go riding. Oh well.
Wednesday: Tempo 6 Mile Run
  • Um, nope, just planning on getting through the day until I get to my dentist appointment this afternoon. Feeling pretty good today, the antibiotics are working and much of the pain is subdued. Laima and I had a good date night last night, heading into the city for a restaurant review of Untitled Chicago. Great company, great dinner, and a really nice walk before and after our meal.

Chicago Architecture - Night
Beautiful view of the buildings, lights, and river from a bridge

Thursday: Core
  • Root canal yesterday was tougher than expected; dentist kept me waiting over a half hour with a numbed mouth, then it wasn't enough to dull the pain, sore this morning, but I'll take that over the excruciating pain before. 
  • One last day of teleworking, I've started some of the planning/packing, but tonight and tomorrow morning will really be when it all has to come together!
  • Quick 2.5 mile run to knock the rust off. Felt good and barely noticed the tooth, hopefully harbinger of good things to come. 70 degrees and humid, similar to what we can expect Saturday, though humidity may be lower.
Friday: OFF
  • We're headed out today at lunch to pick up the RV and then on to Ottawa Lake Campground, where we will be camping and The North Face Endurance Challenge will start and finish--very convenient! Really looking forward to 4 days together as a family, trying out RVing, and, oh yeah, doing some trail running.
Saturday: Race - 50K (My first Ultra!)
  • Hard to believe that tomorrow I will finish my first ultra. It's been on my mind for a couple of years and, after 20 not so consistent weeks of training, the day is nigh. I'm really approaching it as just part of an amazing weekend experience, and, while I'm confident I can finish, hope that the journey will also be enjoyable. On Wednesday I got some great news, when Kim from Ilax Studio agreed to run with me - should be a lot more pleasant with someone else along, though she warned me she plans on becoming smelly and I might have to ditch her. We'll see.
Sunday: Laima's Race - Trail Half-Marathon
  • As inconsistent as I've been, Laima has been the exact opposite. I have been so impressed with the work she put in getting ready, definitely not easy when you are the mother of 4 crazy kids! She is going to have an awesome race--her first trail half! Read about her training and her race report next week at Women's Endurance Gear.
(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Such a bummer about the know it's bad when you're looking forward to a root canal! Glad you were able to get in. Vicodin makes me feel just how you described...any more, I request something else.

    Best of luck this weekend!!

  2. Best of luck on your first ultra!! Definitely not the ideal way to go into a race. Hopefully your tooth is feeling better by now. How miserable!!

  3. Ugh! What a crappy way to start your week with that tooth pain! I hope you are feeling better by today!

    You guys are going to have so much fun camping up there! I love that you are both doing events at North Face! I should have camped to spectate on Sunday. I think I will head down to Fox Valley to cheer on friends there (a coworker of ours is doing the full).

    I am looking forward to running together Sat! I checked the weather and it looks nice and cool so the smelliness may not happen as soon as it does on a hot run. LOL :)

  4. Hope your tooth is feeling much better, and that you have an amazing weekend! Good luck!

  5. Can't wait to hear about your race. Sucks about the tooth, at least it happened early enough to get it fixed before the race.


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