Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Injury and Training Wheels

Tazer Injury Collage

In what is really the worse case scenario, Tazer got hurt while Laima was training yesterday. I would gladly get injured any day, in any way, before seeing Laima or the kids get hurt. I dropped Laima, Tazer, and Gaigai at Herrick Lake Forest Preserve, so that Laima could run on the Illinois Prairie Path while the kids played bike sherpa. I took the other 2 and headed up the road, where we would cheer them on at the 2 mile mark. While waiting, Laima phoned me and let me now Tazer had crashed on his bike, passing out briefly maybe and beating himself up in the process. Tazer has crashed plenty of times before, so I wasn't too worried, but when I saw him crying, bloody, and confused, it broke my heart. I try to be all business when there is an injury and work on cleaning up, maintaing calm, and figuring out what to do. We were headed to the in-laws and, since Laima's dad is a doctor, decided to continue on and have him checked out. Tazer continued his crying, stopping only to state that he couldn't remember anything--really terrifying to think that he could have suffered a concussion or worse. Later, we got him settled at the house and he seemed to improve as the afternoon progressed. We lazed by the pool and finally got him to go in when it seemed he was okay--I knew he was fine once he started being mean to Munchkin. :) This morning it appears that, apart from the physical contusions, he's just fine, thankfully.

Munchkin No Training Wheels

In more positive news, also with bike crashes, Munchkin decided that yesterday was the day he was going to start riding his bike without training wheels. We took him to Hooper's Hollow Park, where a grassy hill let us roll him down and then release him on the flat base. While not yet comfortable, Munchkin made lots of progress and will soon be careening around the neighborhood on his own.

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  1. I'm glad he is OK! I hate it when the kids get injured. Luckily I'm known to be very calm in crisis situations. Yay for no training wheels.

  2. I'm happy Tazer is ok...and can't wait for Munchkin to zooming around on his bike:)


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