Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Man Vs Wild Season 6 DVD

Man vs Wild Season 6 DVD cover

Love him or hate him (and there are plenty of people in both camps), Bear Grylls knows how to deliver entertaining adventure, along with some useful survival tips. Ever since I saw “Escape to the Legion,” a 4-part series depicting Bear’s brutal introduction to the French Foreign Legion, I’ve been a fan. Many were dismayed to find out that parts of “Man vs Wild” were staged, but it’s filmed entertainment, it’s to be expected, in my opinion.

In Season 6 of the hit series, Bear tackles a series of adventures that give him plenty of opportunities to show off his skills. Grylls never fails to entertain as he willingly strands himself in remote locations to demonstrate localized survival techniques, endure extreme challenges and bite into some unconventional foods along the way. Set in Arizona, Borneo, and other locations, the variety of terrains challenge him in different ways. He shares with viewers such necessary survival tactics as how to find water in the parched desert landscape, building a sand-buggy from a wrecked aircraft, crossing rock drops, fashioning a wetsuit from a seal's hide, trapping a wild boar, and skin diving without a mask. I hope we never have to utilize any of these skills, but it sure is fun and educational to see them done.

If you haven’t seen “Man vs Wild” before, or just haven’t checked it out in a while, pick up this entertaining Season 6 DVD. I especially urge you to find some younger children to watch with—their infectious enthusiasm will have you cheering along in no time./div>

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  1. My "man" is "Survivor Man"...Les Stoud.... no film crew... just him and he needs to set up all his film shots....
    But any dude that scales Everest can't be a wimp either....

  2. These are fun to watch with the kids:)

  3. My son loves this show. He even got the Wii game. LOL

  4. Totally agree--so much more fun with the kids!


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