Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Anybody tried It seems a pretty neat concept, a kind of eBay for outdoor junkies, though prices are fixed rather than an auction style. It grew out of a realization that that there was not an efficient marketplace for the distribution of closeout and used outdoor gear to the masses. GearTrade overcomes these inefficiencies and streamlines the entire process of bringing all the sellers and buyers of used and closeout outdoor gear together on one web site. This new marketplace is helping specialty retailers, manufacturers, and independent sales reps enhance their relationships with outdoor enthusiasts and with each other.

Horseback Riding

Tuesday Laima and the kids headed off to go horseback riding in a forest preserve not too far from our home. Unfortunately, I am in training for work all week and couldn't go--so jealous! Looks like a beautiful place for a ride.

La Madia Pizzeria

One of the things I've really been enjoying about my other blog, 50 States Of Wine, is all the restaurants that Laima and I have enjoyed recently. I got hooked up with a couple of restaurant PR firms who have been sending us out to try various places. We also try to find new restaurants to try on our own, when possible. Tonight we were supposed to head to La Madia, a contemporary pizzeria and wine bar (18 different pizzas and more than 75 wines by the glass!). Unfortunately, Little Worker came up sick this morning and we have to reschedule. Can't wait. To read about that as well as our other outings, check out my Restaurant Reviews page.

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  1. I've used GearTrade, as have some of my friends. That's where I got my adventure racing pack (which I love) for about 1/2 price. Definitely a fan.


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