Wednesday, August 8, 2012

InView Designs Medal Display Cases

One of the fun swag pieces you can get after participating in an event is a commemorative medal, but the big problem is storage. Our medals, both Laima's and mine, as well as the kids, are scattered throughout 4 levels of house. One of my greatest regrets is that, over the years, I either lost or gave away my finisher's medal from the 1995 Chicago Marathon.

InView Designs Medal Case

So, what to do? Some people hang them straight on the wall, using nails, or pushpins, or some other jerry-rigged system. Nice as a memory, but lacking in the design standpoint. Cut wood or metal hangars are nice, but might be too rustic or industrial looking for some tastes and home decors. They also don't have a really professional look sometimes. Enter InView Designs, beautiful wood display cases handcrafted by an endurance athlete.
“In View display cases are a special way to remember where we came from, what our struggles were, and also a gentle reminder for the next race or competition. These displays are also a great way to encourage your children that what they are doing is important and significant while developing long term goal setting behaviors; a must for successful accomplishment of any endeavor.”
InView Designs Medal Case with medals

The Loved-It design, which I got, is offered in 4 wood finishes: Walnut Stain, Chestnut Stain, Ebony Stain and Black Lacquer. I opted for the Black Lacquer, as many of our photos are framed in black wood. As you can see above, the medals case displays the medals beautifully, lending them a patina of grandeur, though earned with sweat and toil. As you can see, there is plenty of room yet for more medals -- can't wait to add my North Face Endurance Challenge 50K finisher's email in September!

Henry 'Tad' Cole personally selects the solid red oak frame with American maple plywood panels that enhance your awards, hand crafting, hand sanding, and hand finishing the case. With a streamline, low profile design (extends 2 ¾" from wall), this can go just about anywhere (it’s ready-to-use out of the box, including wall hangers). The cases come with a durable plexiglass viewing medium. With 4 kids in the house eager to handle the case, it's reassuring that damage will be limited when it (inevitably) gets dropped. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen.

Beyond the fact that these are amazing pieces of workmanship, handcrafted in America, I want to thank Tad (the man behind InView) for his service to our country—thanks for your 25 years! "Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit"

More information can be found on the InView Designs website,  and by liking on Facebook.

(Disclaimer: I was sent this item for free to review on my blog, courtesy of InView Designs. I did not pay for the item, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. i like these cases. i do have one of those metal cutout-ish kinds, but like you said that doesn't really fit with most decor (including mine, ha). i still like it, but i also like this more 'classic' look. plus this one is more versatile - decor wise!


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