Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bottled Water vs Tap Water

We have an ongoing debate in our household about the merits of tap water versus bottled water. As we're both runners and cyclists, Laima and I drink our fair share of water, often from reusable water bottles. Laima doesn't like the taste of tap water, so she filters it--I'm not that discerning, so straight from the tap is just fine for me. I don't think Laima's pro-bottled water necessarily, but I know she appreciates the convenience.

With 4 children, we're always hauling around snacks and drinks and what have you, and usually keep an emergency stash of bottled water in the car. Lately though, it's really been bothering me to even  have those around. I came across this infographic recently and thought it raised some interesting points.

Bottled Water vs Tap Water

I know there will be times when we just won't have a choice, we'll turn to bottled water in a pinch. The facts above, however, makes me want to be ever more vigilant!

Do you buy bottled water?
Will the facts above change your mind?

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  1. We drink mainly tap water and I must say our tap water tastes better than most bottled water we get here. We use bottled water mainly for travelling and never at home. We do refill the bottles at home with tap water.

  2. We actually have glass and stainless steel contains and fill them from our reverse osmosis tap water filter.

    On a rare occasion we'll by water in plastic bottles (if and this is important, there was no risk of these bottles being heated to about 80 degrees, by sunlight or other means before they were sold.)

    Above 80 degrees, all plastics even those without BPA out-gas aromatic-chain chemicals that keep the plastic flexible. It's unknown if these gases have any effect in the water being stored as it mixes poorly, but why take a risk when you don't have to.

  3. P.S. the language police have called me from Ottawa ... "we'll by water" should read "we'll buy water"

  4. We have largely stopped using bottled water unless we are on a long road trip and run out. We fill up our own bottles at home and schlep them everywhere.

  5. I do both. I usually grab a bottle of water on the way to work then refill it 5-10 times with filtered water throughout the day.

  6. i only buy water if i'm on the road. or if i'm in a foreign country. but day-to-day, tap water works just fine for me.


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