Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 13: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Another week that started in SW Michigan--we are so lucky to have this cottage to use! Since I was working, I only got to the beach on Sunday afternoon, but Laima and the kids enjoyed it through Tuesday lunch. Good week overall, though lots of stormy weather made getting things in when scheduled problematic.

Monday: Core/20 Mile Ride
  • Woke up to thunderstorm and lightning, not a good morning for a ride. Thought about riding later in the day or after work was done, but never happened.
  • No core - day off per the program!
Tuesday: 8 Mile Run
  • So lazy today, didn't want to run, especially when I stepped outside and felt like I was aquajogging while walking the dog, incredibly hot and humid. Decided to go out for a few miles, felt okay, felt okay at 3, so stretched it to 4, then was tired coming back. Figures.
  • Laima and I were planning on another core session when we got home from Michigan, but just didn't feel like it after the drive, another day off (not per plan)!
Wednesday: OFF
  • Thought about getting a quick cycle before heading into the city for work, but woke up just a little late for it.
  • Next JCORE session - Fire Fit, and it was true to its name, we were sweating up a storm!
Thursday: 14 Mile Run
  • Laima and I had planned to run together this morning, on the trails down at Palos. Woke up to thunderstorms (well, I did), but Laima slept in a little bit late for us to get down there before serious heat and humidity kicked in. Postponed until tomorrow.
  • Hard Core was the next JCORE session and it truly was - much less cardio, but endless planks, especially side planks. This core program is really doing a number on my hips as well, I really need the work!

Palos Trail Collage

Friday: Strength/Core
  • Trail half marathon plus with Laima at Palos -- ran the yellow then orange trails. Relatively cool 71 degrees to start, never overly hot beneath the trees. Really a nice run and a good couple of hours together.
  • So sore from the run that we didn't do core when we got home, and the day slipped by with it being pushed farther and farther back until we agreed that we just didn't want to do it.
Saturday: 25 Mile Ride
  • Felt every one of yesterday's 14 miles, but it was a nice cool morning, light traffic, so I was happy I got out on the roads.
Sunday: Speedwork/Drills
  • Nada, went to bed last night feeling under the weather and woke up to more of the same today. More couch time watching the Olympic Games.
Totals: 47.69 miles, 5:36:19.

(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

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  1. The weather was not in your favor this week! The trail run sounds great. I took Mr. Zippy on one yesterday when we were out of town. I always beat him on the ascents, but he crushes me on the descents. Kind of evens things out nicely!


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