Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 12: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Monday: Core/20 Mile Ride
  • Felt good to ride again! Took it very gingerly at first, but then forgot about it and just rode. Minimal back stiffness when done, good sign.
  • Day 1 of JCORE: Accelerated Body Transformation--Fit Test, which wasn't overly difficult, but definitely showed there's work to be done, both in core strength and balance. The various exercises also showed how this will work the whole body; I was stronger in some areas than others. Looking forward to the next 40 days!
Tuesday: 10 Mile Run 
  • Schedule said 10 miles, I was hoping to get an easy 5-6 miles in and see how it went. Started off VERY cautiously, everything felt copacetic, so of course I took off WAY TOO FAST, realizing at mile 3 or so that I was running about a minute faster per mile than my desired pace. Dialed it back, but too late, instead of an easy 5 or 6 it turned out to be a difficult 4.5. Still glad to be running again!
  • Day 2 of the JCORE Body System -- 20 minutes and nothing he does seems very difficult, but the combination of balance, motion, and core work is proving more difficult than I had hoped for. No magic pill here, it will take 40 days of hard work. :)
Wednesday: OFF
  • Day 3 JCORE Body System: Today's workout really showed how weak I am in the butt and hips. Too much sitting at the office and while working at home!
Thursday: 10 Mile Run
  • After tasting 12 Rieslings and Rodney Strong wines last night, I had no intention of running this morning, but actually woke up this morning feeling just fine. Still didn't run, but will get a 10-miler in tomorrow.
  • A day off for the JCORE Body System--seems a bit early but who am I to complain?
Friday: Strength/Core
  • After Tuesday's disappointing run, I was hoping for a good one, and today delivered. Not that it was easy, but ran consistently and ended up feeling like I could have gone farther. Took MissZippy's advice and ran naked today, sort of, by not looking at my Garmin even once.
  • Another day of "Rev-Up" for JCORE, can really feel the whole-body workout this system gives.
Saturday: 20 Mile Ride
  • Just wasn't feeling it this morning, odd, because it was a bizarrely cool summer morning, no wind, nice weather for riding. Almost talked myself out of it during the morning dog walk, but mentally mapped out 10 miles and just went to see how it felt. Felt decent, but mentally wasn't engaged. Added a mile or so to the 10 miler and was happy to be home, though happy I got out as well.
Sunday: Speedwork/Drills
  • Opted for hill repeats over speedwork today - even though I clearly could be a faster runner, the hilliness of the Wisconsin course seems a more pressing concern at this time.
Weekly Totals:  49.73 miles, 4:44:50.

(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

From Peloton Star

Feeling back on track this week. The Hero Rush on July 28th has been postponed until October, so I'm toying with the idea of racing the Winfield Criterium August 12th. Really intimidating idea, so I should face my fears and just sign up. WWSD (What Would SuperKate Do)?

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  1. Happy to hear your back felt better this week!

    Why was the Hero Rush postponed?

    I always run with my Garmin, but sometimes just change it to overall time or whatever so I don't stress about the pace. That is about as "naked" as I'll get!


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