Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 11: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Monday: Core/20 Mile Ride
  • Not an auspicious start to the training week, woke up with my lower back very tight, almost painful, spasms not there yet, but threatening.
Tuesday: 8 Mile Run 
  • Back feeling better, but my morning walk with the dog suggested to me that I was not yet ready to resume training.
Wednesday: OFF
  • After a few days off for back pain, decided to take the bike out to not only see how it felt, but more importantly, how I recovered. Thirtyish minute ride felt okay, hope the back cooperates during the day and feels better tomorrow.
Thursday: 20 Mile Run
  • Bike ride might have been a bad idea, woke up very stiff. Kind of odd, my back didn't hurt much, just felt like it would start to hurt if I overdid it or turned wrong. Laima remembered we had Bengay, so I rubbed some in and like magic, most of the stiffness and pain went away. So lucky I have her!

JCORE System

Friday: Strength/Core
  • Woke up feeling better, but common sense told me that it was not yet time--more Bengay and taking it easy was the order of the day. Maybe a bike ride tomorrow and a short run Sunday to gauge where I am.
  • No core today, but....there is on the horizon. I got the JCORE System, a 40 day program to strengthen the core and, hopefully, lots of the rest of me as well. Depending on my back healing, I'd like to start this Monday - Laima said she would join me, so soon there will be a twelve-pack in the house!
Saturday: 25 Mile Ride
  • Probably could have ridden, but opted not to, resting and healing the back are a priority.
Sunday: Speedwork/Drills
  • REALLY wanted to run this morning, but decided that the whole week off was more important long term than a short run and possible re-injury. Some minor twinges on the morning dog walk confirmed it was good to wait.
Weekly Totals:  9.72 miles,33:58.

(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

Definitely not the week I wanted, but I suspect it's the week I needed. The injury was a combination of factors, mostly stress due to work, some family stuff, and probably overtraining. After a week off, I feel refreshed mentally, ready to get back at it, and that's pretty important, as this second half of the training plan won't be any easier than the first.

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  1. I was going to comment that you probably needed that week off, but you beat me to it. :)

    Hope this week you're feeling 100%!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad week, but it sounds like the rest was what you needed. Hope this week is better!

  3. Take care of that back. The goal is to get to the start line and finish, not kill yourself getting there. Good luck with this week.

  4. I'm with Kate and I think the next week will be great. I just did a recovery week and hope my next few weeks will be big. Keep it going, you are doing great!

  5. Good job listening to your body Kovas. A week now could have saved your race.

  6. Hope you are feeling better now! I always have to have Steven remind me that I can take medicine when I have aches. Why do I forget these things?

    My mileage was low last week too. It happens! :)


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