Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 10: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Monday: Core/20 Mile Ride
  • Most interesting ride yet, along lake and farm roads in southwest Michigan. Rode through Union Pier, New Buffalo, Three Oaks, and Lakeside. Asphalt, cement, gravel, and dirt - you name it, I rode it this morning.
Tuesday: 8 Mile Run 
  • After yesterday's good ride, unfortunately, not a pleasant run. Took off way too fast and paid the price. Incredibly, found I had to make myself slow down more than a few times, was sucking air for much of the time. Total rookie run. Add in humidity and biting flies and the picture is complete.
Wednesday: OFF
  •  A day spent at the in-laws' pool, enjoying the 4th with my family - good food, good wine, enjoyable water temps and a gorgeous summer day, really relaxing!
Thursday: 60 Mile Ride
  • With temps pushing (or surpassing) 100 degrees everyday now and a heat advisory in effect, I thought I'd skip my 60 mile ride today and make up the missed 18 mile run from last week on the treadmill. Had a snack, walked the dog, and got set up with a movie, water, and more snackage. Decent run, neither too difficult nor too hard, but mentally I just didn't have it today. Wanted to quit many times, but kept bargaining with myself, finally stopping at a nice even 90 minutes. Glad I tried, bummed I didn't make it, but I'm really trying to find the balance between listening to my body/brain and pushing past my laziness. Hopefully I'm making the right decisions.
Friday: Strength/Core
  • Another day by the pool, not sure if it's helping me with my fitness at all, but it's fun to spend time with the kids in the water. Too bad it's not a longer pool, could potentially get some laps in and train for a triathlon. :)
Saturday: Tempo 8
  • HOT! 79 degrees and humid at 4 AM. Still a decent run, though my feet felt overly warm the whole time - TNF tech socks and PureFlows otherwise a good combination. Ran shirtless and wrung out a small puddle from my shorts when I got home - serious sweating today.
Sunday: Speedwork/Drills
  • Really should have gotten my speedwork in, but instead got ready for our 2 year old's brunch, which we had at the family cottage in Union Pier, MI. Gorgeous day for it, as the 100 degree temps of the week were replaced with comfortable temps of around 80 or so.
Weekly Totals:   45.02 miles, 5:09:29.
(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

Monday Weigh-In -- Original Weight (Day 1): 209.6, today 206 - still ups and downs in my quest.

This is a week that has shown quite markedly how weak I am mentally. Even on runs and rides that should not have been difficult at this stage, I struggled, mainly due to negative thinking. On the other hand, it has been a LONG time since I pushed myself this hard physically, so a certain amount of mental burnout should be expected.

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  1. Week 10 makes it sound very serious! Go with your bit of breakthrough this week and ride it for a confidence boost!

  2. Don't sell yourself short - that's a strong total for the week, even if the parts were tough. Keep building into week 11 and tell your mind to simmer down.

  3. Good week - even with the extreme heat! I'm glad you're listening to your body...

  4. You are not that weak mentally! The heat is getting to you too! And tackling 18 on the treadmill - I would never have even made it 90 mins - WTG!!!

    I bet cooler temps soon will help your mental game! :)

    I was wringing water out of my tank top on Saturday am too. Just crazy crazy humid.

  5. An hour and a half on a treadmill is a seriously mind numbing run. Nice work!

  6. You're doing most everything alone, too, which makes it hard sometimes to stay focused. And yeah, those long TM runs SUCK.


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