Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unstoppables Project

The 2012 London Olympics are fast approaching and we'll soon marvel as highly-trained athletes from all over the world showcase their talents in a variety of athletic endeavors. There's a second event happening in London, one that doesn't get as much press or attention, the 2012 London Paralympics. I admit that I've never really paid attention to them, just perriphally making a note that they existed. However, paralympians such as Oscar Pistorius and Rudy Garcia-Tolson have been knocking on the doors of "able-bodied competition" and making the world take notice.

Unstoppables Pirates Team

UNSTOPPABLES is a project created to promote the value of sport as a means of self-improvement and a way of overcoming some of life’s obstacles while contributing to make a film.

It is a documentary that will tell the story of a group of amazing, passionate, fun loving, dedicated and socially committed cyclists who call themselves the “Pirates Team.” Led by Juanjo Méndez and Raquel Acinas, whom we follow as they train, participate and return home from the 2012 London Paralympics, where they are aiming for gold.

A truly exemplary case, where disabled and “able-bodied” individuals coexist without barriers under a single motto: to go for it and push yourself further than you thought possible, to take on life’s challenges. An example for others to follow their path.

The project is based on the idea that society urgently needs to share ways of overcoming its mental and social barriers in order to bring about a change of attitude and to discover the keys that will allow us to emerge stronger from our worst crises.

Get more information at the Imparables Documental website and follow them on Facebook!

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  1. This is so awesome. These athletes are truly and inspiration!

  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads-up on this. I hadn't heard about this. I will definitely check it out.


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