Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pop-Up Tour de France

Pop-Up Tour de France book cover

The Tour de France takes place every year in and around France. Since 1903, racers from around the world have ridden almost daily for 21 days or so, riding 2,000+ miles. Each day’s race is called a “stage” and a new winner is crowned every day. The overall leader is based on individual times aggregated as the stages progress. Along with the leader’s jersey, other titles up for grab are the King of The Mountain, the Best Young Rider, and the Points Leader (points are earned for reaching specified points the fastest). While the course changes every year, it has always finished in Paris and, since 1975, been completed along the world-famous Champs-Élysées.

Pop-Up Tour de France collage

Confusing, no? It can be, especially when you start reading or hearing about the variety of tactics employed both by the individual riders and the teams. With an event this huge, it’s somewhat hard to wrap your mind around everything going on.

Fear not. Author Pamela Pease has created a whimsical, yet highly educational, book about the Tour de France. Pop-Up Tour de France: The World’s Greatest Bike Race, from Paintbox Press, covers all the basics, adding history and other interesting tidbits, the author gives us the perfect intro to this amazing event. What could be better? Make it a pop-up! Now, while pop-ups may make you think of toddlers and thick board books, this tome is actually a true work of art. Beautifully illustrated, with historic images from posters to photos, this is a keeper.

If you’re a fan of cycling, you really should get this book. If you want a basic introduction, you really should get this book. If you need to explain the Tour de France to your children, you really should get this book.

About the Author: Paintbox Press founder Pam Pease is a design entrepreneur with a professional background in both the fashion and publishing industries. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, and received a Master of Arts in 1998 from Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Design from North Carolina State University.

Disclaimer: This product was advanced to me for review purposes, courtesy of Paintbox Press. I was not compensated in any other way for the review, was not obligated to give it a positive review, and all opinions are my own. Some information in this review was taken from the company website.

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  1. I think I want that! I love the Tour. Sad that Evans is not doing so well this year but it's so much fun to watch. My son is totally into it now also!

  2. I'll have to take a look at it - and show the kids:)


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