Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make A Hero

Make A Hero logo

One of the most interesting things about the Olympics this year is that, while the Paralympics are getting more mentions, I have yet to see any of the events televised. Many of the Olympic sponsors have signed on to sponsor our Paralympic athletes as well. Very cool, but even cooler would be to see some of these amazing people strutting their stuff, not to mention a real validation of their often unsung efforts.

One of the ads I saw was for a website called Make A Hero: Helping individuals with disabilities enjoy the freedom of sports and recreation. It appears that the ad was slated to only run once during the Olympics, bummer as it is really powerful. Make A Hero’s mission is to grow awareness and generate financial support for individuals with disabilities. They inspire people with disabilities to “get fully engaged in the game of life”, build their confidence and help them regain their mobility and freedom through participation in sports and recreation.

Get more info on the Make A Hero website,  on Facebook,  and YouTube.

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  1. You haven't seen the Paralympics televised because they don't start until August 29th. They'll be televised.

    1. Nice that they'll be televised, thanks! Bummer that they are not simultaneous though.

  2. I was wondering about that too, so glad lillwhite had some insight!

  3. pretty cool organization! i checked them out (via you) earlier at work (but couldn't comment b/c work is lame and blocks the little box). i do wish the paralympics got some primetime tv action - i have yet to see it televised in year's past. although i don't have cable, maybe it'll be on some cable.


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