Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hack Your Fitness

Laima shared this last week over at Women's Endurance Gear - burning 2,900 calories equates to almost a pound a week, and these 7 steps are pretty easy to incorporate into everyday life. Of the seven, I need to improve the most in 2 areas: working out with others and lifting weights.

Hack Your Fitness - burn more calories with tips from this infographic:

Tribesports: Hack your fitness

How many of these 7 do you normally do?

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  1. Sleep is hard for me! Telework helps for sure though :)

    And my eating could definitely improve!!!

  2. Another reminder that I need to be biking to work again!! Ive gotten so slack on that. I do actively try to not drive from store to store if I can walk it and I often think of setting a "rule" for myself that if something is within 5miles I can't drive there (unless it's raining or an emergency)

  3. #2 is a huge fail for me regularly. And I just started lifting weights again. Otherwise, those things are all at least semi- in my life.

  4. Well, ahem, I get all 7 in! I like this graph and like I told Laima, I like the laughter part best!


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