Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warrior Dash Illinois 2012 Race Report

These 2 photos say it all

Laima and I were pretty excited about this race – we don’t get to train or race together very often, and this race just promised a good time. Saturday afternoon we dropped the kids off at Laima’s aunt and uncle’s house, stopped off at the Lemon Tree (an upscale grocery house near home) and got some interesting stuff for dinner (lemon and pepper pasta being the most unusual). Add sparkling wine, pleasant company, and a guaranteed nice evening ensues.

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Meteorologists had forecast extreme heat for Sunday, and warnings then arrived from Red Frog Events,  the race organizers. Happily, a storm Saturday night cooled things off for those of us who got early and arrived for the 9:00 start. Oddly enough, there were no wave starts on Sunday, just show up, head to the start line and go! Seemed to work out.

Due to the higher temperatures expected, the race organizers had changed some of the obstacles, incorporating a lot more water. This also had the effect of creating a lot more mud, which just added to the fun factor. Since were there for the experience and not to “race,” the sometimes longer waits at the obstacles were not that frustrating and, when we felt like walking, we walked. The course, run on a family farm in Channahon, IL, had plenty of ups, downs, forests, and streams to keep things interesting. We even got to run by a graveyard!

Most of the obstacles required minimal strength and could be completed relatively easily using some of the help built into them. That being said, I definitely felt some soreness in my core and hips the morning after. One thing I found interesting about this event is that the organizers are attracting people who probably would not enter a typical running race. Some folks were walking pretty much from the get-go, clearly there to have a good time and challenge themselves, but not necessarily run. That’s really cool.

Things They Got Right:
  • Endless fun, obstacles relatively close together, variety of scenery.
  • Well-organized, huge number of volunteers, police coordination.
  • No long waits at registration, ID check, or gear check.
  • Horned helmets are unique race mementos, shirts and medals were of good quality.

Things I Would Change:
  • The information packet said that parking would be $10. It was $20 – not cool to double the fee, especially without warning.
  • No recycling? In this day and age, that’s just not acceptable; especially when so much of what was served post-race could easily have been separated.
  • No food? Granted, I wasn’t that hungry, but it seems an event of this magnitude could have some bagels and bananas post-race. Or team up with an energy bar company and the like.
  • Miller Lite? I know I’m spoiled, but Miller Lite just doesn’t taste that good at the best of times, let alone 10 in the morning. Get Miller to give you higher quality beers.

Overall, this was a really well-run event and I’m sure we’ll participate in more from Red Frog. If you haven’t participated in a Warrior Dash or something similar, I highly recommend it – we had a blast!

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  1. Wow, what fun! Congratulations, you did great! I'm sure this was not your last one. Miller Lite...seriously?

  2. Super fun - I'm glad we did it:)

  3. I love those hats! Looks like a great time. The parking cost would have made me pretty unhappy. Those events aren't cheap to begin with.

  4. Great point about the food! In my hurry to get cleaned off and get a beer, I totally missed the fact that there was no post-race food available aside from what was there to be purchased. Also, GREAT photos from the course!

  5. This looks like total fun. Even moreso to have that quality time together! Love this!

  6. No recycling? In this day and age, that’s just not acceptable.

    I concur. Especially since they are out among nature!

  7. Awesome race report, would love to see one for the upcoming Hero Rush event. http://herorush.com

  8. are those mid-race pics yours? how did you keep the camera from getting muddy! i am impressed :) great action shots too!


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