Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 4: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Four weeks in and I feel like I'm about to break, but Week 5 is a cutback week, so we'll have to see after that. Earlier this week (I think), I joked over at MissZippy's that I didn't know that I'd ever overtrained, as I'd never trained enough. Now I think this week was showing me I'm in a bit over my head. Run paces that were easy last week were a struggle this week and bike distances seemed more daunting. Add some ankle tendonitis and the signs are there.

That being said, with a week of less distance and time coming up, hopefully I'll recover and keep moving forward.

Monday: Core/15 Mile Ride
  • Threatening rain and a headwind no matter which way I turned made for an interesting ride. A weekend of too much food and drink was in evidence through difficulty of effort.
  • More core work from the book - not. Completely spaced it.
Tuesday: 8 Mile Run 
  • Ran loop in reverse, seemed relatively easy after a struggling start. First couple of miles my lungs feel very restricted these days, strange. Another cold morning, mid 40's, pulled out arm warmers and running underwear for extra layers.
  • A minor core workout from the book was planned in order to not be a total loser - forgot again. My Alzheimer's is coming on quicker than expected.
Wednesday: OFF
  • In to the office and the day just wouldn't end. One major negative of going in to the city is that by the time I get home off the train, it's pretty much time for the younger two to get ready for bed, while the other two have soccer, soccer, and piano. I sometimes complain about my kids, but they are really awesome, in fact.
Thursday: 14 Mile Run
  • Tough run, but uniformly difficult from start to finish. Not sure why, I didn't do anything different last night or this morning. Ran through Lyman Woods and then over to and through Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. Saw a small herd of deer at Lyman and a single at Hidden Lake -- so great to see wild animals still surviving in our neck of the woods.
Friday: Strength/Core
  • Nothing today, still feeling beat up from the run yesterday. Some tendinitis flare-up in the left ankle meant it was a day for RICE more than Insanity.
Saturday: 20 Mile Ride
  • Incredibly windy, from the east, so the vast majority of the ride was impacted. Light traffic was good, as I wasn't pushing too hard, nor could I have, with the windiness.
Sunday: Hills/Drills
  • Ate and drank too much last night, ankle still sore, plenty of reasons not to run. But I went out anyway, just to try out a new pair of Vasque Velocity 2.0s I received recently. Run was somewhat of a struggle, but Vasque were a nice surprise, much different than expected.
Weekly Totals: 59.38 miles, 6:08:22.

(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

Monday Weigh-In -- Original Weight (Day 1): 209.6, today 207.6 - moving in the wrong direction!. Unless I really get serious with healthier eating and drinking, I'll continue to struggle - moving 200+ pounds around is just too much work.

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  1. That is a great week and normal to feel it after week 4. The cutback week will do wonders for you. I'm luckily very light naturally and I now weigh 161 pounds and going down fast.

  2. Rest up with the lighter week--it will do you good. My legs have come around nicely, and I'm sure you're not in as big a hole as I was. Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Great work Kovas! Recovery weeks are awesome, enjoy it.

  4. That's a heckuva week! Great work! You've earned your cutback week :)

  5. I think a stepback will help a bit. Maybe you upped your volume too fast? I know I've done that sometimes. Pretty awesome though :)

  6. I hope your cutback week does the trick. And hey, you've already made it farther than I did before I crumbled. Three weeks was as far as I made it, and that's with the first two being ease-you-into-training weeks.


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