Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 1: The North Face Endurance 50K Training

Not the first week I had in mind, though nothing was overtly wrong. The major snag was that I had to go into work Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday, which was totally different than just the Wednesday I had envisioned. But, adapt and move on.

Monday: Core/10 Mile Ride
  • Wet, cold, and windy, definitely not my cup of tea for cycling, so I stayed inside and rode on the rollers. It's been a while and I definitely felt unsteady, so I took it easy and opted not to click into my pedals. Hopefully we'll have some improved weather so I can get outside again - hard to believe that March was warmer than April this year!
  • I had planned on doing some core work when I got home from work, but with one family thing after another, totally spaced it. Kind of bummed as it might be the most important thing for me to work on.
Tuesday: 7 Mile Run
  • Decent run, better than expected actually. Short sleeves and shorts - maybe the cold weather runs are finally finished here in the Midwest? This was a straight loop run along some bigger roads in our suburb.
Wednesday: OFF
  • With the family showing signs of illness this week, this was a welcome morning off. Still had the normal guilt over not doing some kind of exercise. :)
  • Sore throat and stuffy head did not bode well, hoping that I stayed healthy enough to stay the course.

Thursday: 8 Mile Run
  • Sore throat, stuffy head, but nothing enough to stop me from getting out. Not too many cars at 4:30, but plenty at 6 o'clock, when I was cooling down. Took off to too fast as usual, struggled during mile 3 and absolutely suffered during miles 7 and 8.
Friday: Strength/Core
  • Just never got to it today - between work and getting ready to head over to Michigan for some family R and R, didn't carve out the time.

Saturday: 15 Mile Ride
  • So nice to get up early and ride through SW Michigan farm country. Apart from riding over the Interstate, I saw the same amount of moving cars as I did moving animals - nine. Beautiful morning for it. After a morning exploring the local area, Little Worker and I lay down to rest while the rest of the family headed for the lake. Laima and the kids had some fun down on the beach -- water was WAY too cold for swimming (NOAA says surface temps were in upper 30's), but plenty of sand for the kids to move around while Laima ran stairs for a hill workout.
Sunday: Hills/Drills
  • One of my favorite hill workouts, running up and down the sand dunes - today was a combination of half dune, half stairs, which gave me good variety to keep the workout fun.
Weekly Totals: 42.44 miles, 4:14:25.

(Training Plan adapted from Jeff Horowitz’ Smart Marathon Training)

Monday Weigh-In -- Original Weight (Day 1): 209.6, today 207.8 - this early weight loss could be blind luck or water loss, so I'm not overly excited, but at least it's headed in the right direction! Apart from a pizza dinner when we got to Michigan, a week of full-on vegan eating, which becomes easier and easier every day.

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  1. I left for my ride yesterday at 6:30 or a little before and the first half hour my count of box turtle sightings was higher than vehicles. But as it got closer to church times around town, I saw more cars. Glad you had a good week and didn't let a cold get you down. Now get with it on those core/strength workouts! :)

  2. that's awesome you are training for a northface 50K. i totally want to do a northface race!

  3. The sand dunes workout sound like fun and also like it would build a lot of strength. Glad you avoided the crud for the most part.

  4. Nice workouts this week! It's so hard to fit everything in.

  5. Maybe not the week you were looking for, but it can get better - right?


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