Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shit Triathletes Say (and Don't)

Triathletes, like cyclists and ultrarunners, all have their quirks. Hopefully you've seen some of the  videos out there that poke fun at each of these subcultures. If not, here are a couple - enjoy.

Triathlete Magazine also has a funny version of “Shit Triathletes Don’t Say,” but unfortunately, they don’t have any way to embed it. Check it out by clicking on the link:

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  1. The triathlon and cycling ones are roughly equal in terms of funny, though cycling has this whole other pretentious European "culture" attached to it that can be drawn from for laughs.

    I haven't seen a running one I thought was that good and I saw a swimming one that I saw was just horrible.

  2. I thought the ultra running one was hi larious.


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