Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Half Marathon Training Plans

Laima and I are officially registered for The North Face Endurance Challenge – Madison.  Laima opted for the half marathon (her first on trails!), while I am running the 50K, my first ultra, and have started a 20 week training plan that I adapted from the Smart Marathon Training book.

I suggested to Laima that she use one of the half marathon training plans from the book and write about it over at Women’s Endurance Gear, but she hasn’t made a definite decision yet. She’s still looking for a program that really speaks to her. One problem is that there are just so many to choose from.

Have any of you used a half marathon training plan that you thought was really dynamite?

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  1. Wow! Quite an adventure for both of you. I'm a RLRF kind of girl who runs very low mileage w/lots of XT. It has worked great for me, although I'm flirting with other plans.

  2. Smart Marathon Training is similar to RLRF but was more appealing to me on a personal level.

  3. Plan? What's that? :)

    For my first half marathon I faithfully used Runner's World's smart coach app. Since then, I haven't done well sticking to much of anything.

  4. I guess I should pick one and commit to it:)

  5. this should be fun for you guys!

    plan: uncle Hal for me.
    going on half #10 all with his plans. more running less xt

  6. Well, I always put mine together on my own. The lynchpin, however, imho, is to get to a long run of about 14-15 a few times through. Throw in one day/week for speed, and then fill in the rest. how's that for a specific plan?!

  7. I used the Hal Higdon novice and intermediate plan for my first two halfs. If I could run 6x a week I would use the BarryP plan which isn't a half plan but basically says run 6x per week. 3 short, 2 medium, and one long with the distance rations being 1:2:3 so if your long run was 6 miles, your medium would be 4 and short 2. And the distances for a week would be 2,4,2,4,2,6,0. Then build up until the long run is 11 or 12 miles listening to your body and backing off a week when necessary.

  8. What an adventure for both of you!

    I tailor training programs to what my body tells me but I have never been good at following any types of recipes. I make sure I hit the important parts but when I train for a goal I set for myself, every week I plan my training but remain flexible and change if needed.

  9. I started out using the Hal Higdon novice plan for my first half, and then about halfway through I modified it because I was feeling comfortable with a little more mileage.

    The North Face Endurance Challenge is going to be my first 50k too - very excited!

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