Friday, April 27, 2012

What Kind Of Runner Are You? (A Flowchart)

Tenderfoot? Aspiring Athlete? Routine Racer? Almost-Olympian? Bugs Bunny? Garfield? The Road Runner?

Use the flowchart to find your style.

I'm a Routine Racer - which one are you?

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  1. As goofy as it is there is definitely some baked in logic. Well done "goofy but startlingly accurate chart maker".

    Routine Racer.

  2. Nearly Olympian, didn't you know? ; )

  3. uhh i think i ended up at the medical tent on multiple attempts to make it to the bottom

  4. lol at amanda! i turned in a routine racer too. some of the q&a's on this flowchart are funny. good find!

  5. Ok, ok...I guess I am gonna be the only one to admit I'm somewhere between a tenderfoot and an aspiring athlete....after all, I just started running last year and am waiting for my daughter to be older before committing to training for half or full marathon. Cool flow-chart tho!! I esp love the medical tent.


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