Monday, April 2, 2012

Back From Breck

Nine days of Spring Break, and we spent them driving to, enjoying, and coming home from Breckenridge, Colorado. 

On the way, we stopped in Lincoln, NE, home of the Cornhuskers. We visited a very cool quarter of town called the Haymarket, an amazing conglomeration of the train station, warehouses, and more restaurants and bars than you could shake a stick at - we even tried Nebraska wines!

5 days in Breckenridge was a perfect tonic to everyday life. I made it up on the mountain every day except Friday (Laima and the kids went everyday). We spent time with relatives, went skiing, snowboarding, swimming in the condo's pool (we stayed at the Ski and Racquet Club), drinking lots of wine, wandered the downtown and even tried sour beers (check out my sister-in-law's blog The Fermentary for that).

Between having our car and the Free Ride shuttle that Breck offers, we had no problems splitting up and getting around, to the mountain and back, or wherever we wanted. I did a lot of walking, and a lot of carrying Little Worker around, which was a great way to spend my downtime (except carrying Little Worker around).

I had planned on running while on vacation, and got in a quick run the first Sunday in Lincoln, but the altitude and snowboarding completely kicked my ass, leaving me mellow and drained of energy. Maybe if we return during the summer... I'll tell you, I had deluded myself into thinking I was halfway into shape, but snowboarding quickly put that to rest - incredibly difficult sport! Next year I'll try again, and add skiing as well, but this "vacation" really showed me how far I have to go to be fit again.

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  1. that's one of my favorite places to go to. anytime of year it's lovely. :-)

  2. Nothing like a completely new activity to offer a reality check. : (

    Sounds like a great trip, however.

  3. Glad you had a great time. I tried snowboarding a few years ago and was sore for days! We are in breck now and the altitude definitely takes it out of you.

  4. glad you had a good trip. I dig Colorado...

  5. Snowboarding still counts as workouts :). Sounds like an excellent trip! But also an incredibly longgggg drive. Glad you all had a good time!


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