Monday, March 19, 2012

State Of the (b)Union

Springtime, and it’s finally a pleasure to run outdoors – though I always enjoy watching movies on the treadmill, there is plenty of satisfaction in hitting the local forest preserve for some much-needed trail time. Over the winter, I usually don’t train with any particular purpose besides maintaining some semblance of fitness. Since November, I’ve run 48 times, for a total of 175 miles, averaging 3.66 miles per session. So nothing major, but it seemed enough. This year, for some reason, my first couple of runs were complete death marches, no fun at all. It truly felt like I hadn’t run in months.

This weekend, I finally had a decent run, just over 4 miles in some humid and warm conditions. I’m thinking that maybe I just got overly used to the treadmill doing the work for me. For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to keep just meandering along with my base-level running, then will start a marathon training plan to prepare for my first ultra this fall.

At some point, I’ll find a half marathon to race, to gauge my fitness and work on hydration and nutrition. Laima and I are signed up for June’s Warrior Dash, but apart from that, the slate is clean.

I’m pretty excited about training for the ultra, more for the overall experience of the event than the event itself. The North Face Endurance Challenges  are well-run events and we’re planning on renting an RV and camping at the finish line for the weekend. Laima will run a half marathon that weekend and there are kids races both days, so everyone will be participating.

How’s your spring training going?

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  1. I am toying a bit with North Face DC, but not sure yet. Glad you got outside this weekend--makes all the difference!

  2. I'm looking forward to both the Warrior Dash and tNF race weekend - should be lots of fun:)

  3. It is nice being outside with nicer temps. I ran all the way down to 10 degrees this winter and only had to hit the treadmill twice.

    Looking forward to reading about your ultra journey this year!


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