Friday, March 23, 2012

Running Naked

Source: Blonde Ponytail

Now I’m not talking about sans Garmin, but birthday suit naked. Jen Burn asks “Is running nude in your future?” in an article in this month’s Trail Runner magazine. She writes about the growing popularity of clothing-optional races around the country and in our neighbor up North. “Whether the appeal is simply a tick off the old bucket list or the draw of competition in a novel setting, nude racing provides an opportunity to experience nature at its most basic. If nothing else, it makes the age-old dilemma of what to wear on race day a lot less stressful.” I’m not sure I have the balls for it, as she so eloquently writes, but it is intriguing.

Though I’m sure there’s more, here’s a short list of races that accompanied the article:

Bare Your Buns

Bouncing Buns 7K Trail Run
Sunny Rest Resort // Palmerton, PA // June 2012
A well-marked, wooded trail race with age-group prizes, a cash bar and access to all the amenities of the resort with your entry.

Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run
Vancouver, BC // August 2012
Enjoy age-group awards, a finisher’s certificate and race shirt for racing the scenic 5K on the sands of Wreck Beach, Canada’s first and largest clothing-optional beach.

The “Original” Bare Buns Fun Run
Kaniksu Ranch Family Nudist Park // Deer Lake, WA // July 2012
Follow an out-and-back 5K course through a scenic forest then indulge in a weekend of recreational activities.

Coventry’s 5K XC Run
Coventry Club and Resort // Milton, VT // June 2012
Open to all ages (under 18 must have signed consent by a legal guardian), the race is entirely off road, and access to resort amenities is included with entry.

Sunny Streak 5K
Sunny Sands Resort | Pierson, FL // June 2012
Compete for a custom Sunny Streak medal (top three male and female runners), but stay for the random prize drawings and giveaways, post-race pool party, nine-hole golf course and more. Registration fee includes resort entry for the weekend.

Here’s a look back at the classic Nike ad for the Bear Butte Running Camp I’ve shared before:

Ever run naked?

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  1. No thanks! Gravity is damaging enough without bouncing across trails for 3+ miles.

  2. Not gonna happen! But I do love that Nike video.

  3. Never have and never will.

  4. Figure it would be painful for both gentlemen and lasses...

  5. Never seen that video before - funny stuff. But I only run through the house naked from time to time and that is only about 45-50' in the dark. I have to second Kate on this one - ouch.

  6. only if there is a drinking contest I'm dumb enough to enter first :-)

  7. One of my favorite threats I like to make in our weekly AR meeting is that I'll "streak down Wilshire Blvd. buck naked at high noon if "x" does (or doesn't) happen".

    Perhaps not surprisingly, no one has taken me up on this challenge yet.

  8. Ha! Thanks for the linkage Kovas! C'mon guys, we're streaking!

  9. Bay to Breakers in San Francisco is notorious for nude runners. I even took pictures and posted them on my blog last year. Honestly, I would hurt myself. And also honestly, the people who are running naked are rarely stand-ins for the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Brad Cooper, Scarlet Johansson, or Jessica Alba...if you catch my drift.


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