Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bringing It To Life With Electricity

Tazer and I have the guitar bug. We've been playing our acoustics for a couple of months now. Last week we went to his school's Battle of the Bands, which in this case was comprised of parents rather than students. Coming home it was all we could talk about - playing music. It seems time we need to step it up, noisewise at least.

After doing some research and consulting with Patrick (of Stuff), I took the plunge and ordered some basic gear, the Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar and the Line 6 Spider IV 15 amp.

Epiphone Les Paul 100

"The Epiphone Les Paul 100 is the electric guitar you want, if you're starting to get serious about your music. The mahogany body with maple top delivers classic solid, heavy tone while the bolt-on mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard are easy to play. Features 700T/650R open-coil humbucker pickups and chrome hardware. The Epiphone Les Paul 100 guitar features classic Les Paul design and tone."

Line 6 Totally Amp'd
Spider IV 15
Guitar Amp Starter Pack

"The Line 6 Totally Amp'd Spider IV 15 Guitar Amp Starter Pack contains everything you need (minus the electric guitar) to get rocking. In one big box comes the following useful items: Line 6 Spider IV 15 guitar amp, gig bag, Headphones, Spare set of strings and peg winder, Guitar cable, Electric tuner, Guitar strap, 3 picks, and an Instructional DVD."

(Images and text from Musician's Friend.)

Amp is on its way, unfortunately the guitar is on backorder for a couple of weeks, so it will be the end of the month before we can rock out. Neighbors beware! :)

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  1. What a cool thing to share!

  2. I totally expect some music videos in your future!

  3. I am with Michael but I would add that I hope you will share those videos in the NEAR future.

  4. Haha - neighborhood battle of the bands;)

  5. I'll throw in a vote for music videos (and I hope you don't wait for the new gear). That Patrick can lead you down the path of spending money, can't he? :)

  6. cool. I wonder if learning how to play "smoke on the water" is still considered a rite of passage as a young guitarist?


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