Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unsanctioned Racing

I'm a big fan of corporate humor, especially tongue-in-cheek and actually funny. Pearl iZUMi has struck just the right tone with their "Unsanctioned Racing."

Running. What was once a bona fide sport now more closely resembles a corporate-sponsored exercise class. But every year in the back alleys of our cities and in the great parks of our nation, thousands of men and women get together to run. To compete. To race. No, you won’t find these races in the paper. There are no official times or logo-laden goodie bags. These races are under the radar, off the grid and underground. Some call them “unsanctioned.” Others call them a good old-fashioned foot race. No fees. No permits. No red tape. Just racing in its purest, most unadulterated form. And we’re here to unofficially champion these unofficial races. All we ask in return is that you run like an animal. (Source: Unsanctioned Racing)

Check out the video and head to the Unsanctioned Racing Facebook page. Through the Facebook app, you can set up your race with friends, map it and announce it via this page. Depending on attendance for each race, a different level of swag is provided by the good folks at Pearl iZUMi. Not an official sponsor, gotta love it.

Midwest Multisport Life on Facebook


  1. I wonder how Pearl Izumi got that past their lawyers?

  2. Hmm, we should try to get some swag for a virtual race. Bah, they would probably send virtual swag from a virtual non sponsor :-),

  3. that's fun. PI has the best ads. i think their clothing could use a little more styling though.


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