Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks

With four children, Laima and I are always thinking about snacks. Especially for times when we're on the go. Variety is key and, while we want them to be healthy snacks, we don't want the kids to feel deprived when they see some of the less healthy things their friends eat.

With new Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks, you need not look any further. Available in two delicious varieties, Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks provide kids with the great tasting snacks they crave and parents with the confidence that they come from a good place.

Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks are:
  • Made with real fruit juice and natural colors and flavors.
  • 80 calories, gluten free and contain 100% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C.
  • Available with year round Double Box Tops.
We've tried them in a variety of situations, including a cold day of snow tubing. The snacks became chewier, but didn't completely freeze - the kids loved that! We now keep a bunch of the bags in the car console, for emergency situations and times when some quiet would just hit the spot.
The fruit snacks come in two varieties, Assorted Fruits and Berries + Cherries. To my uneducated palate, they all pretty much tasted like sweet gels, but the kids discussed the various shapes and flavors and came up with favorites, so it just shows how wrong I am.

Disclosure: Ocean Spray® Fruit Flavored Snacks and information have been provided by Ocean Spray® through MyBlogSpark.

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  1. The perfect super treat for Little A Bomb in the car:)


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