Friday, February 3, 2012

Giveaway: Win Mizuno This Valentine’s Day

We are given one day a year to really put our feelings on display. This Valentine’s Day, are giving you the chance to do just that. They’ve teamed up with running shoes maker Mizuno for this heart-filled holiday to give away two pairs of the 15th anniversary limited edition Mizuno Wave Rider.

They chose this specific model because of its color scheme—a crystal cranberry for the ladies and a very bright ruby red for the gentlemen. While these are truly the hues of love, we all know that there’s more to running shoes than the color. The latest generation of the Wave Rider is an amalgamation of greatness that the Wave Rider shoe has come to represent. It balances light weight, cushioning and stability with a super smooth ride.

So, how can you win yourself a pair? All you have to do is answer the simple question below in the comment section of the Win Mizuno post. Then the staff of will vote on their favorite answer.

What do you love about your running buddy?

Do they always say the right thing to get you motivated? Or do they make killer post-run smoothies? They know there is something about them that keeps you running with them (and not away from them!). Whether it is your best friend, your pet or your significant other, tell them what it is that makes them so darn special.

And if you’re buddy is of the human variety, they could score themselves a pair of new Mizuno kicks too!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The winner will be announced on Feb. 15, 2012.

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  1. My running buddy is almost my exact same speed. We can just run without thinking about someone speeding up or slowing down. Her drive makes me want to work harder so I'm not left in her dust. And she's currently living overseas so we have to be running buddies from afar for awhile. :( my buddy is jenn

  2. I love my running buddy. His name is Shane and he's a German Shepherd. Since I heard about Sherry being abducted in Sidney Montana on Jan.7th, it makes me even more happy to have that great big happy canine by my side.
    He will run with me whenever, how ever (fast or slow), what ever (distance, far or near).
    He never complains and any time I ask him "you doin' ok?" He seems to look at me with a great big happy face and say "Just Great, MOM!"
    I couldn't ask for a better running partner/protector.

  3. My running buddy is my son Ian who ran his first mile in the school track club yesterday that I help coach. So I got to do the last lap with him.

  4. My running partner is the best. I am able to talk to her about anything. We have learned over time that it is ok to disagree and still be great friends. She has her opinion and I have mine and that is ok. She has an A personality and I have a whatever personality. She is the driving force that keeps me pusing myself. One day she just up and told me she was going to run a marathon. I told her she was nuts. She didnt care what I thought and that was ok to. I told her I was not interested in doing a marathon that would probably kill me, but that I would train with her. Needless to say I ended up running that marathon, that I was adamant about not running. We had so much fun running that marathon. We have a mantra ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We stick together like GLUE.

  5. What I like the most about my running buddy is that she SHOWS up. She wants to come running. She says I inspired her to start but not this youngster is kicking my butt so she is the one inspiring me!

  6. My running buddy is my dog. I love that she is psyched to go out the door but just as quick to lie down in a heap when we get home.

  7. My running buddy listens to me and knows just what to say when. He also dogs me when I'm sluffing off and smiles when I'm kicking butt. He's always ready to run rain or shine and never misses a run that I don't. I run alone :-).

  8. I have a few rotating buddies rather than one consistent one, but what I love about all of them is that we can just chat away & before I know it the miles are done. :)

  9. I love that my running buddy lets me take walk breaks without being embarrassed. I am a slower than glue runner, and for this very reason usually run alone. But my running buddy gets it--in fact, she's pretty slow too. :) We push each other, but we also know that breaks are okay and walking is just fine. Neither of us every have to worry that the other one is going to be grumpy if we need to stop and walk for a minute! Of course, then we encourage each other to start running again. :)

  10. I originally wrote my response on the other post, but here's what I said: Q: What do you love about your running buddy?

    A: One of my favorite running buddies is my boyfriend. He is extremely motivating, pushes me, and respects my boundaries and doesn't judge me. There is this unexplainable happiness when working out with your significant other, and I am so thankful for having that luxury with him:) To learn more about how awesome my M.A.N. is, you can read this post: =D

  11. My running buddy is my dog and I love her :) No matter how tired I get, I can always look down at her grinning face and flapping tongue and remember how wonderful it is to be outside, enjoying the sunshine, and appreciating the freedom that running provides us both. Dogs are great like that--they help you realize the small beauties in life :)

  12. My running buddies are strangers who've become quick friends. I love how we have newbies to the group every week but welcome them in as if they were old friends. It makes the miles and hours FLY by!


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