Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Sports: Snow Tubing

Mt Hoy - Blackwell Forest Preserve, Warrenville, IL

Last time I was at Blackwell Forest Preserve, it was just over a year ago and I was there for a trail run. This time, the whole family came along to try out a new, for us, winter sport: snow tubing!

It's not a huge monster of a mountain, but it felt pretty steep climbing up, carrying first an 18-month old and then our 4 1/2 year old. Yeah, we earn our turns in the Midwest.

Who new Tubing was so complex?

We had some snow last week and this morning dawned fair and warm, enemies of snow sports (though it sure was beautiful). As time went on, the runs got shorter and shorter, as the snow thawed and became sticky. Still, it made the hikes back up shorter, surely a relief for short legs. After a long morning Tubing, you're exhausted and all done in; two things come to mind:

A quick nap:

or maybe some time by the fire:

Lots of family fun, not too far from home. We are really looking forward to the next snowfall and opportunity to return, hopefully to slide top to bottom.

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  1. That does look like some good old fashioned family fun (minus the carrying of small children up hills - ouch). We certainly are having the roller coaster of weather here in the midwest - almost 70° yesterday and high this morning for today of about 32° and possibly back to the 50's by Fri. It will be a miracle if we aren't all sick in a week!

  2. Always fun to try something new:)

  3. That looks FUN! I would love to try tubing but there is NO snow in the Sierras!
    Lugging two kids up the mountain is a great workout. How do you log it though? :)

  4. Super fun! Sadly Thing 1's tubing extravaganza with her GS troop last winter ended in a bad accident with her troop leader needing major face reconstruction. So scary.

  5. Who knew tubing was so complex. But fun as heck!

  6. we watched the TOC go through the mountains once from a tubing "resort". OF course there was no snow at that time.


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