Monday, January 16, 2012

Ultimate Ride: Shaun White

(You may wonder why I'm reviewing another Shaun White snowboarding movie -- simple, it's what our library system owns!)

Ultimate Ride is a series from Red Bull featuring their sponsored athletes. More a biopic than an actual snowboarding movie, this is Red Bull attempting to put a human face on superstar snowboarder Shaun White. This video follows White from the United States to Japan, where he rides mountains in order to become a more balanced snowboarder - winning has become too easy and he needs a new challenge. Much of the movie focuses on White as an individual, dealing with such a public life at a very young age. Kind of hard to feel too much for him, as he clearly enjoys his life and is paid handsomely for giving up most of his privacy. Kid-friendly, this is actually a pretty balanced movie, with snowboarding being only one aspect.

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  1. I was rivited by his performances in the last Winter Olympics. Absolutely amazing what he can make his board and body do.

  2. This weekend at Big Bear when I was doing a double flip no hands vertical 1800 degree super mctwist for like the 10th time, some kid with long red hair gave me the nod of respect. I think it was Shawn White.

  3. Yep, Shaun is nothing short of amazing. Pretty cool he built his own super pipe too. Who doesn't need their own super pipe?

  4. Since I know nothing about any of this, it would be most educational. I think I need to see this movie.


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