Friday, January 27, 2012

Guitar Hero

Tazer - my Guitar Hero

Our son Tazer has started guitar lessons. To make sure he started out with a decent instrument and to keep the excitement level high, I asked Patrick (of Stuff) for some suggestions, and we invested in a Baby Taylor for him. Beautiful sounding instrument and, with 3 siblings in line behind him, possibly a family heirloom in the making:

"The ¾-size Baby Taylor firmly established the travel guitar category years ago and today is more popular than ever. At the heart of it all is an authentic guitar sound and inviting playing experience. Featuring a sapele laminate back and sides and solid top of either spruce or mahogany, you can add a capo, high-string it, tune it down, play it around the campfire, help your kids form their first guitar chords — however you use it, it's always fun to have one within reach. The mahogany-top version will yield a slightly darker, earthier tone than the spruce top."

As a way to encourage his practice, and also to fulfill a longtime dream to learn how to play guitar, I bought myself an entry-level guitar from Fender Guitars:

It's towards the lower end of their line, but received good reviews around the web, so I felt confident in buying it as my first guitar. In elementary school I played violin and in college I tried picking up the bass guitar, so I have some sense of how to read music and so on. We started practicing together on Sunday - he's already taught me quite a bit, and I sense it will be good for him as well.

As an added bonus, we have a great family-ownerd guitar shop in Downers Grove, Tobias Music, where I will treat myself to a Taylor or Martin or similar higher end guitar if I stick with it. (Have you seen the price of a good guitar? Holy cow!)

Then, and only then, will I be ready to rock out with Patrick in the world-famous Dudeband™.

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  1. Very cool! But I think you have too much hair for the Dudeband (TM).

  2. What a stud!

    Can't wait to hear the Dudeband play:)

  3. Nice. And yes guitars can be expensive.

  4. how old is he?
    my sons have been asking to take lessons since they are 4...way too young...

  5. I hate to be "THAT GUY", but there is a better chance of you knocking off 4 min. miles in the snow with wolves or whatever chasing you then seeing Chris K back in the blog world...

    Miss him too, though.

  6. A real guitar is better than a fake one am I right or what? Thanks.
    guitar tabs


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