Monday, January 2, 2012

For Auld Lang Syne (2011 in review)

Yesterday, we went over to the HS track and ran one lap backward (for the year that just passed) and one lap forward (for the year to come). Hopefully this will become a new family tradition! In the afternoon we celebrated Laima's grandmother's 100th birthday - a great reminder that the good things we do today will pay off a long time from now. A magnum of  Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin non-vintage champagne helped the celebration as well!

Laima summed up our year in photos (and video) over at Women's Endurance Gear - go check it out!

Back in June, I reflected on the first half of 2011 in terms of training and blogging - if you missed it, read Half, Half, Half, wayyyyyyyyyy dooooooone... yeah yeah... .

  • Running: 58 times for a total of 245 miles over 38 hours
  • Cycling: 37 times for a total of 301 miles over 19 hours - I felt like I did well, but actually rode less than the first six months. Kind of bummed about that.
Total running was 647 miles, with cycling coming in at 626 miles. No races in 2011, but Laima and I have already signed up for Warrior Dash in June, so there will be at least one race in 2012.

Goals for 2012 are to surpass 1,000 miles for each running and cycling - that's 2,000 miles, maybe I should make it 2,012?

Products I tested in the second half of 2011:

I also started a new blog, 50 States Of Wine, and have been having a great time writing about wine, viticulture, food, and plenty of other stuff - join me!


  1. I didn't have a lot of my miles tracked since I was operating w/o a Garmin/bike computer most of the year. Only road miles and those run with more technologically advanced friends got recorded. This year will be different.

    Regardless of not racing, you sure stayed busy in 2011. I'm not sure I could keep myself running without the carrot/stick effect of an upcoming race. Biking is a different story.

  2. Happy New Year! You definitely should target 2012 miles in 2012.

  3. I like the new tradition. Happy New Year!!

  4. The lap thing is cool. I'd probably fall on my ass though.
    Wow a magnum of VC? We had a bottle here for something or other (maybe my birthday, oh wait, no it was Thanksgiving) and somehow I got none. Travesty.
    Happy New Year to you and yours. All the best to granny on her 100th. That is awesome!

  5. ohh i may steal the track idea for next year, i totally love that!!!

  6. Happy running and biking in 2012.
    I started keeping better track of my miles this year. I slacked off in 2011.
    Love your new tradition.

  7. That's a really fun idea! Hope you remember to do it in 365 or so days :)

  8. Nice goals - looks like you're off to a great start!


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