Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things to Love About Cycling

I wouldn’t consider myself a serious cyclist, like Patrick or Craig do, but I have always enjoyed riding, usually for pleasure. I began cycling more often a few years ago, when I became interested in triathlon. My best memories of cycling remain from my childhood: riding bmx bikes on a track we built ourselves and also balancing a surfboard on the handlebars as I pedaled to the beach.

Bicycling Magazine puts out lots of lists, and the most recent issue is no exception. Included among so many of them was one that stood out to me, a list of why people love cycling. Some of the ones I identified with included:

5. The first postwinter ride in shorts and a jersey

12. Walking your bike by the saddle

28. When the red light changes to green at the exact moment you'd have to put a foot down

82. "He's never tired. He's never miserable." (from the movie “Breaking Away” – awesome film!)

Read more or add your own at Bicycling Mag’s “101 Things We Love About Cycling

Are you a cyclist or ride a bike? What are things you love about the sport?

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  1. One of my goals this year is to finally do the cheese to chocolate ride...

  2. I love to ride my bike. The best thing? Clearing a tricky spot on my mountain bike. Otherwise, what I most love is the camaraderie of riding with other people.

  3. I read that article last night and it had me reliving the good cycling karma when remembering when I did those that I did. Hard to pick favorites though you made a good start.

  4. Love this list! Thanks for sharing. So many quirky things I'd never really thought about, but they're all so true!

    I was going to copy and paste a few of my favorites, but literally every third or fourth line is a new favorite.

  5. When the light turns green! Love it. I'm going to have to track down this list. Thanks.

  6. I actually love to cycle with a clean shaved face. No BS.

  7. I actually love to cycle with a clean shaved face. No BS.


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